One Final Hurdle

I was counting on Brian (our Yellow Stone guide) to dissuade Bridgit, our fearless team leader, from showing up for the rafting trip. He did tell her that someone always falls in, but it would take more than that to cross it off Bridgit's to do list.  I'm glad she stuck to her guns cause the last hurdle, the Snake River Rafting Trip with Sands led by Matt, turned out to be a piece of cake. We all got wet but Nicole took the brunt at the front of the raft!  Rapids were exciting and the scenery was beautiful. The hardest part was putting on and taking off the wet suit.

We arrived in town the weekend of Jackson's annual art festival. Art, Jewelry, Music, and Taste of the Titans were sprawled around Town Square. It was an incredible introduction to Wyoming. After shopping, browsing to our hearts content, and meeting Tenley at her booth, we walked over to Western Design Show Exhibit Sale at the Snow King Center. Amy and Bridgit entered into coma-like trances because of the staggering numbers of Western Boots available to try on!

Our favorite two stores, we returned to again and again, were Gifts of the Earth and Lee's Tees both conveniently attached to Starbucks's.  Hey, we're not so high maintenance after all.

You really can't count the dinner at the Four Seasons #213, it was a familial obligation.

Or that we ate at #214,

it was recommended by family and we couldn't get Pinky G's Pizzeria to answer the phone. We did have a snack at Pearl St. Bagels and we showed some restraint and passed on Thai Me Up.

Last Day. I did not manage to pedal but thought of Primate when I took the photo.

My timing was excellent. Primate spent his time doing this while I was in Wyoming!