Separated shoulder trumps handstands....I don't think so! Although every thought the primate has, translates in to an action verb for my arms and legs, since his have been useless for almost 3 weeks, I have still found time to practice handstanding.

When you have a gigantic hole in your shoulder caused probably by a clavicle that shot unexpectedly upward piercing the skin and exposing muscle and tissue and fat this is what your bathroom counter looks like.

Doc says no worries, keep it clean, make a few figure 8's with your arm for therapy and you'll be back on your bike in no time.


A bottle of pain pills, 3 weeks and one day, and one hundred Curad stickless bandages later, and primate is back on a two wheeler. TINAAAA is officially off duty. Remember Diary of a Mad Housewife? Start the video around 43:23. See what's been on my plate. And in my defense to quote Linus himself, "they don't call me Lunkhead Lentz for nothing."

Meantime I have been strapping six pound weights to my ankles and practicing the handstand hop. Turns out for me the pressing off foot is more important than the swinging leg. Coordination is key and rather elusive. But I am getting closer and if I can convince Linus to film me I will post it here. He does not want me handstanding, he thinks it's unsafe!

A visit from a couple of Williston Park cheerleaders brought some levity to our situation. Football too!


An award winning sweet potato and a beer that kept on giving. John looks as if he has some misgivings about going ahead with this meal.
The 2 Clares and Therese and John @ Bridge over the River York
New Pillars a little Paint and O' those boxwoods!
#106 Trader Joe's Harvest Grains, Beets with Goat's R Us cheese from Nottoway County, Kale Salad with shaved Parmesan and Sprouted Kitchen's Curried Roasted Almonds and roasted butternut squash, plus a little chicken for the meat eaters, and rustic olive bread from Normandie French Cuisine in King George County for all.

Ireland's Flag colors in there somewhere. Must check with Therese. I forgot already.

#107 added the second butternut squash to Trader Joe's grains.
#108 Fine Cooking's Tomato, Avocado, Corn, and Black Bean Salad 

#109 Italian Food Forever's Pasta Fazool
Okay, maybe some of it was my own doing but after hauling and spreading 55 bags of mulch, window washing, bandage changing, lots of charwoman chores i.e. blood removal, and lawn mowing, at the directive of Lisa and Kimberly I am drawing the line at jacking up the car and changing the oil!


  1. The oil change would take so little effort and would provide a excellent primer into auto repair with real life hands on experience. This entry level course once completed would allow you to take on the next level repair involving brake pad replacement. So pls take advantage of this one time offer...

  2. hey, laurabelle, ask lunkhead if i can come take the course. he sure can sell it!
    i'm no doctor, but the shoulder doesn't look good to me. glad he's on the mend. i recognized TINAAAA and was laughing before i finished the sentence. great movie!
    there's an awful lot of beans and grains in the food portion of this post. are you guys sure, positively, that they're good for you? the friends, however, look very good for you! and for them!
    good luck with the six-pound weights! don't hit yourself in the head with one of your feet, be it from the pressing off foot or the swinging leg.
    still no job except that i'm watching ellen's 12-year-old twins a couple of hours a day a couple of days a week. i believe 'hanging out' with them is what i'm doing. certainly not 'babysitting!!!!!' it's okay. they're fun and they're very good. and they love me. but i have to feed them! and they're kids.
    still campaigning to get ralph suozzi out and reggie spinello in as mayor. eight years with ralph. time for a change in this godforsaken town.
    did pat ever finish the stephen king book? what was it? i'm currently reading 11/22/63.
    this is evolving from a comment to an email. talk soon. keep on keeping on. miss you.
    carla nonymous


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