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Thanksgiving Eve

Kiwi's are taking over RVA!                   New Zealand Style Pies!
                           Sweet & Savory! πŸ’š Proper Pie Co
                          Quick stopover for a taste before heading north. Thanks Dalton!

                   Went to see Pat for the Big Eat!                           We did a lot of walking                         πŸ‘£ To make up for it  πŸ‘£

                    🐢 Attention Seekers 🐢 

            They know how to make people smile!

                       Peace Food Cafe ahhhh!

                              Union Square 

                     ABC Carpet & Home ahhh!

         Madison Square Park...get on the subway!                    Time to get off our πŸ‘£πŸ‘£

                           Reservoir View. 

         Day 2. Over 3rd & Lex & Madison & 5th & through the park to the  NY Historical Society Museum and Library

                          Finest welcome!                   Little shortage of women?

                 And wish fulfilled …

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