Phoenix to Tucson

Morning walk through Roosevelt Row & wonderful post wedding poolside brunch with Wedding Party!
                 Mama Bird loves Phoenix.

     Enjoying countdowns with the Flying Squirrel        
                Brothers & Flying Acro Team!

                          Keys overboard!

                        NYers invade Phoenix.

                         Talk with you hands.

              Papa Squirrel shows how it's done.

              SR 79 to Tucson! Let's stretch out!

       Tom Mix Memorial. Jumping Jehoshaphat!                     Jumping Cactus 🌵🌵🌵found Kevin's behind.
Desert Biology Lessonn 101: Beware Cholla Cactus. 

                Marshall Gulch, Mt. Lemmon

                      Mountain Goat Brothers.


       They love the Santa Catalina Mountains!

                        Mountain Bathing  ✌️ 

              Catalina Highway! There's Mary!

   Is there a comfortable spot to stand on my head? I don't need shoes!



   Lentz Production Company. I see a lunkhead in the foreground.

                              Easy does it!

                            So much fun.