Love Affairs Summer 2017

I want her to come for a visit. I think she hangs out at Culture Cafe. Love their minuscule salmon with couscous. It's so delicious & doesn't taste like salmon at all. 

Continuing my love affair with mashed cauliflower &
Gavin Hennigan. Honey gets confused between mashed potatoes & mashed cauliflower. I don't get confused!  πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

I love shopping@ #potterybarn. I'm always looking to dress up the perfect mattress that still has not arrived.

   I love my $300 12 year old ottoman/ coffee table. But they want $550 to reupholster! Okay, maybe it doesn't look that seedy after all 😜

Some mansplaining that means nothing to me now.
Why won't he just make me some mobiles? He looks capable. He's got hands of gold.

I love Norfolk Botanical Gardens. I've got orchid fever. Honey, after you build this room for me could you whip up a greenhouse. Doesn't have to be big,                    
Or if you can't get me the entire room I know you are so strong and talented that it would be nothing or next to for you to throw that coffee table together. 🀸🏽‍♂️
                              This Room πŸ’š

        I love to watch cell phone peeps. There is so much to talk about. My arm gets too tired holding that phone. Could you look πŸ‘€ at your kids every once in awhile Bud?

                          Dentist visit ❤️ 

                    Elwood Thompson Herbs 🌿 

Love our Friday night dates @ Gauthier Vineyard & The VBC.


                 Dr. Mauro gets the job done!

Okay it's time to get serious. Even with my eyes closed & that mysterious 3rd boob. I gotta get in mother of the groom shape.

Love Ravi's functional training. I wanted to start the leaf blower without help. So we did some weight lifting thingamajig stuff at the bench to simulate pulling the chord. Then he presented me with this little invention that almost killed me. It hurt to breathe for a week. Of course, I had to have one of my own. Haven't given it the time of day since it arrived. 😳 ROCK SOLID ABS I'm coming back for you.

        Honey is so supportive. ❤️ my primate.

        ❤️ success

Handstand push-ups. Wedding on the horizon.! I'm going to be a Mother-in-law!!!!

   Kayak ❤️ First in circles with bleeding knuckles but bring a cushion to raise my seat & I'm a big girl now that can reach over the sides of this little damn boat.

Less circling, now I just keep making a beeline for hard objects.

                 Training Days ❤️ Bryce helps!

       and this little piggy went to the market too!