Leaving Glen Cove

#218 Metro Bistro goodbye dinner with Carla

Turning the keys over to Laura & Justin

New neighbors, old friends.

Project. We bought this piece about 1978 in Cold Spring Harbor. 

AH brand was too old, we could not mix it even with electric beater. Switched to Annie Sloan.

Maybe our postal carrier can help us decide on a color or at least execute an intervention.

I'm a novice shopper after all!

#219 @ Cheesecake Factory with Page, Nicole, me, & Bridgit

Shaking things up.

Color Change. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Is there a mediator in the house?

For Amy Joy.

Thinking this would be nice...ask primate.

#220. My version of Snake River Grill's Potato Pancake with Michel Blanchet's smoked salmon, sour cream, & shallot.
Autumnal craving for pumpkin cheesecake.