i Would Walk 10 Hundred Miles

Raining on our way to hike. Can nothing save me?

Began 3:51 EST
Completed 10 Miles

Ranger gave us a quick lesson on how to use our $80 bottle of bear spray and off we went.

photo: Bridgit

Mule Deer have big ears.

Who has the bear spray?

Beach Girls and Mountain Women!
Amy's inner strength (what exactly is our navigator made from?) and Nicole taking a break waiting for me taking up the rear. 

These three gals taught me how to share your strength with others (they took turns pulling me along), exhibit equanimity even when we couldn't decipher the last little bit of direction on a trail map and night was closing in and the grizzlies were lurking, and most importantly HOW TO PEE IN THE WOODS! Forever Grateful.

Exploring Buffalo Valley Road

In the car ahhh!

Tenley suggested that Buffalo Mt. Rd. would be a good place to spot Grizzly. We didn't see any bear but the views were worth every minute. Thanks Bridgit for doing all the driving. Tho whole week.

Maybe Willow trees turning color?, we were a little to early for the Aspen Autumn Colors.