Messing around in Jackson, Part Two

Keeping up. Sometimes.

Road to the airport, nothing like Cross Island Pkwy!
The Party continues.

Let's get Nicole. She'll take the bunk bed room 

Nicole's suggestion Jackson Hole Food Tour was Fun!

Enjoying the vibes at Lotus Cafe.

Bin 22, Lotus Cafe, Persephone, The Kitchen and Gather were on the tour. #206-#210
Getting some good mileage out of these Lotus Energy Bites

History of Jackson was part of the experience as we walked from restaurant to restaurant.

French Macarons Nirvana 

Our tour guide and historian was great (standing, I can't think of his name but he def had a little William Hurt in him and naturally had Wisconsin connections as did everyone we met while traveling with Bridgit needless to say I didn't even know where Wisconsin was till recently but dose Wuhskaahsinnites are really friendly) and a very cute couple from Denver added their 2 cents to our very spunky group.

Most delicious cup of Mud!!!

Don't  let their innocent laughter fool you, climbing up a mountain they are beasts!

Kitchen Chef

Old Friends.

Going for an off road Grand Teton adventure with Tenley!


Watching Pronghorn Antelope the second fastest land mammal in the world. I wasn't fast enough to take a picture!

I love Grand Teton National Park.

Going on a wolf hunt.

Back in Teton Village

Looking for food.

#211 We were Hangry! Titan Thai fixed us up.

Checking the time, but hey that mud looks pretty darn good lets have some and fall asleep on this chair. No, No, No, Titan Thai is greatbut lets head over to The Snake River Grill, connect with Team B and have another party and another meal and then check out the band at the Silver Dollar Bar at the Wort Hotel and then head over to The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar  and dance with a cowboy and maybe meet a cop and have a couple of sandwiches
a few hours later #212 SRG

Karen, Bridgit, me, Amy, Nicole, Emily, Page, Missie, Judy, and Elizabeth

Nostalgic for their 20's!

Princesses dance with this cowboy.