may = #mansplaining, momma bear & mom's day

Mom's day.

I'm not that short and he's not that tall!

Lots of laughs, phone work, #192 & #193, and plenty of #mansplaining!

Pat can mansplain!

We know primate can too.

Nice pic Mar-babe.

Women can explain a thing or two, too @ Hil's favorite pizza joint.

Can't get too far without a phone look up.

Bye NY, Hello Asheville.

Blue Ridge Pkwy., Smoky Mountains

Big Head Overlook.

Town Mountain Rd. Oh Momma!

River Art"s District.

Leonardo with Joyce Thornburg

American Folk Art on Biltmore Ave.

Mount Mitchell is the highest point east of the Mississippi.

Oh what a view!

Black Mountains

Off trail beauty.

Stopover Lexington.

Bruce @ Matoaka, a surpisingly dangerous night!

Fox taking a squirrel home for dinner on Colonial Parkway in #Bruce Hornsby's Low Country.

Wildlife week continues with turtles crossing every single road. This one at Alan's house, temporarily safe from car wheels. I'm starting to get a little worried about Shark Week.

Kathy Griffin @ Sandler Center. So lucky Missy & Amy invited me to join them!

Favorite baseball player.

Getting ready for  big shindig in June..crazy napkins! I've got vertigo.

Cut, measure, sew.....24 times!

I'm on pins and needles. Will Amy like her party?


  1. yum --- grilled pb&j. that might even make a vegetarian out of me.
    then again, the shrimp looked yummy, so maybe pescetarianism is more like it.
    who am i kidding? steak and taters.
    gotta go. having coffee with someone who likes my profile.
    wish me luck.
    i think i need it.


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