april flying in the sun

The wolf's eye arrived!

The daffodils bloomed!

Ferns appeared.

Thanks to John Clayton Chapter, Virginia Native Plants Society, Helen Hamilton, and Gus Hall for leading a wonderful walk.

Gus Hall

Helen Hamilton and Gus Hall have co-authored a book that may prove helpful.....as soon as I order it  @ amazon Wildflowers Grasses Virginia Coastal Plains

No pen, paper, or charge on my phone....not much of a girl scout am I, but saw the elusive pink lady's slippers ....next time I'll be better prepared.

Primate doing something. In the garage, what's he building in there??

Keeping my equiment clean.

Lost a maple.....replaced with this little cutie.

Tried and True.

Easter #190 at the Charltons.

Lucinda, Bryce, and Primate.

Ralph and Bren.

We're going on an egg hunt! Bridgit does things right!

Flying in the Sun!

Bryce the old pro!

#191 Urban Farmhouse 

Dessert with Happy Hour...Craft beer..I like!

I thought it was an ad for Cupping and made Lunkhead stand there!
Rolfing....almost as appropriate.

And Finally Dogs on DOG Street....just because dog smell..no sell!