It was time to

 #194. Amy @ 40 with Frank Sinatra, thanks to Lunkhead for his crafty letters and music !
I think she had a good time!

There was no shortage of food!

 Something for everyone to nibble: American, Chinese, Thai, Italian and Spanish! Thank you G-G, John, Tam, Florina, and Primate. Catherine, Lindsay, Carl, Rafi, Kathy, John, Sherry, me, and of course Tyler made a special event fun!

A little dancing from the Dancer Birthday Girl and Rafi!

Hearts of gold.

G-G and Primate.

We did other things in June. Leonardo saw Hermione @ Yorktown.

I agreed to teach a yoga class at B-defined. First, Bridgit made me take a picture of myself doing yoga....when I balked and stalled she said she would come over and take the picture, I could not get out of it.

Teaching the class was fun....and I have to admit...there was a little payback involving Bridgit and Ben.

Yoga played a prominent role this month. Florina reopened Body Balance by Physioflo. It is amazing....wanna move in!

 Bamboo, lavender, blue, and birch!

Amy enjoying the new space in Dancer! Yes, she is always dancing!

Bren found a couple of yoga partners in NY.

Pat likes the links and brings his spoils back to work,

on his way to and fro he spots a wood duck in CP.

 Honey was found either on the bike, admiring his bike, or

in the garage working on his bike. Do you think he likes bikes?

I threw a few meals at him....no I mean together.
#195. Grilled PB&J.

#196. Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger.


#198. I massaged for 15 minutes and tenderized it with lemon.....going forward Got No Kale.

I spent an evening painting  a lotus flower, what else?, with yoga instructors at Wine & Design.

Amy, the creative troublemaker, wanted us to pose whiltst pouting. Rachel, our art instructor, took all the photos for us.

Primate took a picture of a pollinator on the vitex for me 'cause we had a shortage of wildlife this month.

The boys met for dinner and afterward walked over to the 9-11 Memorial.  There is only One Today as Richard Blanco's poem reminds us. Peace All.


  1. laurabelle -
    your faithful subscriber commented the other day. was i not approved? baby, what'd i say?
    maybe i have to publish as A. Nonymous.
    i'll try again.
    what i said, in part, which you may now read twice, was that a grilled pb&j (yum) just might turn me into a vegetarian after all. there were no tomatoes in there, correct? but then again, those shrimp looked awfully appealing, so maybe pescatarianism is the way to go.
    nah, who am i kidding? it's meat and taters for me, maybe with a little pollock (see what i did there?)
    met with a man yesterday who, i thought, liked my profile. turned out he just liked my profile picture. said, "i didn't read no profile." i said, "i'm a wordsmith." long story, which must be told either by phone or in person so i can hear you laugh. suffice it to say we don't have no plans to be meeting no more.
    gotta run. my unemployment counselor awaits.
    whoever i am when this appears


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