As Pat seeks dizzying heights at Citi the rest of us are setting records for low altitude flights.

Thank you Citi!

Carla can't talk upside down!

Over the top shoulder opening! Ouch! 
Primate let go!

Dharma likes a tall base.

Sometimes Bren does not have to be the base.

After a long hiatus from a low cholesterol diet that included:

#140. Arthur Schwartz' banana cream pie
#141. Lots of pizza...this one was at least goat cheese!
Glynis admonishing me @ Southwind Pizza @ Mathews, Va every meal...does that count? Proprietress, in Pink and Salmon and Orange, love her colors, of Old Church Creamery.

Turn these down...not me...I ordered them to go with my salad.

Far be it from me that I send these back. 

#142. My chocolate mousse front and center @ Dudley's for Teneva's and Dave's anniversary celebration.