Buddha Balance

Buddha in Richmond

The Local in Irvington Va.

Irvington, VA

Irvington, VA

Irvington, VA


#144 @ Grassroots

#145. Ambrose descendants @ Cafe Mio in Gardener 

Cafe Mio

New Paltz

New Paltz

#146. Sea Cliff Bistro

Shopping at the Newly Spectacular Rising Tide

Primate always says, "use the right tool for the job." I say, just hire the appropriate person for the job.

3 days before the Grand Opening...I think he finished.


Sea Cliff..who is the artist?

Friday Cheers @ Brown's Island with St. Paul and the Broken Bones but the ice cream is sometimes more important than the music,

Pre concert killing time. We arrived 3 hrs too early. Hey Hon, we're not in NYC!

#148 No not corndogs...gratefully I spied Goatocado! Perfect!

Forest Lane Botanicals

Wolf Eyes Dogwood! Need some of that.

Blue Grass

I'm yanking this New Dawn baby out when the Primate is busy elsewhere. It is interfering with my hummingbird honeysuckle! No blooms!

My forest floor...what is it? I'll present you with the New Dawn if you can tell me.

#149. Just kidding. Lots of excitement when Primate & I spotted this little fellow climbing up our hill. Toano is the Native American word meaning high ground. This little guy did not need to look that up on Google.


#150. Metropolitan Bistro

Smoky Mayo and cedar plank grilled veggies..awesome.

Consolation Field Trip. When we couldn't barge our way on to
Craney Island to see a plover, who even knows how to ever get in there...make a request ahead of time, join a bird club, we'll never manage.  Here I am at nearby Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve. Have a back up plan or at least know where to find some High Ground and always have some food in the car!

Primate is very happy because I fixed the washer...huh?

I have always been mechanical, ever since I used to take the TV tubes down to the candy store by Italian Gardens on Jericho Tpke. Use the tube tester and hopefully get an egg cream at the counter. 1967...

Goin on a bike ride

#151. 8-18

Some days I never get out of my pajamas but that does not mean I can't find my balance. Grateful.