Coming to Terms With the Size of My Head, Yggdrasil, and The Handstand!

Yoga, Happy, Body Balance Studio, Amy and her son Lincoln!

Probably painted with the boys from Luxembourg in mind...COMING TO TERMS WITH THE SIZE OF MY HEAD.

Awesome Becky McDaniel Crigger. Soon to be an Associate Pastor! Can get stung by a yellow jacket during yoga class and not even flinch! 

Last class with Sapta...missing her & Breakti Yoga

Asha, Missy, and Angi just having fun @ The Cove Tavern

# 152 Peaches in August upside down cake

#153 Avocado, pesto, tomato, grilled bread.

Two rainbows.
#154 Blenheim Organic Garden of course!

#155. Fish had seen better days. Not so Jackson Browne, love his new Birds of St. Marks.

Lenny was attracted to Anya's mini, I liked her Tiffany diamond!

Primate's new love.

Thanks Igor of Igor's Signs & Stripes

Primate & Pat enjoyed a visit to CVA field.

#156. 8-31, Thank you Glynis! I should have taken more pics of that glorious food!

2nd Sundays @ Prince George Williamsburg , Blue Ribbon with Claire Jordan Scott
Kettle Bell Bunny!

Hello Chindo goodbye Blue points!

Our very own little Yggdrasil. Not Ash, not immense, nevertheless, (is that a word?spell check seems to think so), rooting down and reaching up. Thanks WoodlandGnome for teaching me about the Yggdrasil.

Sunshine..something? Will ask Kevin.


Rhodies blooming in October.

Web cast

Did you say cookies?

Primate is slowly coming to terms with the size of his head, and everywhere we go he finds a compatriot, that makes him happy. He began meditation practice to counter Jet games,( cause their coach does not make him happy), loves his little mini but is not joining any mini clubs, and is faithfully putting some serious miles in on his bike. He is also full of compliments for his companion and she is loving every bit of it!
Brendan the Voyager has made it to Colorado. Patrick is really working unlike the rest of us....but I think he finds some leisure time to, spinning, football!

Terry, Merrick, Ventana, & Bren @ WaterCourse

Navigatio Brendani in the company of yogis.

Pat @ Ward's Island with Zog Flag Football Team
I am still Ambrose, Walsh, Higgins, & Sharkey crazed. Loving every minute of yoga, officially handstanding  as of Sept. 26, 2014, without any props, well except the wall, practicing "rocking jump forwards" with Sadie Nardini  and getting stronger with the help of  Bridgit @ B-Defined. Spending some time in the yard too.



  1. what a busy blogger you have been. i never have time to peruse these days. i'm always too early, too late, too tired. you understand. but i like seeing more photos of people and perennials than food!
    have to find out about that mini tomorrow ... while you're here in glen cove pre-thanksgiving.
    i don't know if i remember how to sign this as me but let's see if this works.

  2. You made it as you! I think you may be more of a people person, not so much a foodie! Just close your eyes if you see a tomato on a plate. Congatulations!


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