Pesto, goat gouda, swiss, mustard, L & T

#85 barbecued veggies with some smoked mayo

#86 Magnolia Bakery's Red Velvet Cupcakes
 Adult onset diabetes is stopping me from making these again but if anyone twists my arm and I make them for "other people" I need to pick up an icing spatula and every bottle of red dye in a 25 mile radius. A wooden spoon does not make a nice dollop.

I did not keep count
let's just say my lifetime

 was met.
Sharing. One plate; two forks.

#88. Tuna Chick Pea Salad
 I'll stick to English Muffins in the future.
Disaster. #89. Don't try this at home! Only Linus could eat it...he's Mikey. 
#90. Barley and zucchini.
Then along came my Irish Dutch cousins looking to settle in this Colony. "Look no further" I told them. We have it all. Rivers surround us.....but no fresh fish. Perfect cottages on lakefront....but the lake is all dried up. Houses with character and water views......maybe just sitting precariously on the edge of a cliff with crumbling foundations. Shopping galore....but no Nordstrom.  Whack-A-Joy Whack-A-Joy! Even Linus got in on the act letting us in on what really happens to our clothing donations. Caveat after caveat. We assured them of the liberal minded and open minded citizenry and then told them who was running for Governor. We can take the fun out of everything. Whack-A-Joy!

They brought news of the Amish and Christmas in July.  They brought news of nitrogen and shrimp boats in the Gulf and terrible tales of termites that may be moving north ( a little Whack-A-Joy on their part too).

Nothing stopped us from eating and laughing and enjoying the heavenly weather! Terry complimented my colors and John my painting skills....hope they choose this Colony!

Terry enjoyed this combo.

No you can't have it back.

Christmas in July
We've plenty of beer...but it's all warm. Whack-A-Joy!


#92  salsa à la Blenheim Organic Farm
After watching this SNL Kardashian Skit I may have to rethink my advice to put your hand on your hip in photos.
New Dictum: Hands at your side. That's better!

Parting shots of Stonehouse Community Garden:

Michelle's Favorite

Butterfly for Ellen

Well I have Medicated, Meditated, and Updated. The only thing I haven't done is taken the smile off someone's face today. Whack or Smack-A-Joy! The day is still young.


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