The Water is Fine But Bring an Umbrella

We have returned to smelling good.
Thanks to Peace Soap in Sea Cliff. Next time we will get Linus' favorite, Pumpkin!

And now our house smells good too. Thanks Kimberly.

One more because you can never smell good enough. Yoga heaven. Got Sandalwood?

Soothing for chigger bites too, mosquitoes, black flies, etc. the fun never stops. I have been experiencing a constant flow of Calamity Jane episodes. Cysts, depression, stress fracture, zillion chigger bites, partial deafness from water in my ears, bat frenzy, swarmed by mosquitoes @ Constance Darden Nature Trail while imitating a birder seeking the endangered red cockaded woodpecker but quickly metamorphed into a screaming banshee, attacked by centipedes in the house, and kneecap alignment troubles. Every problem gets resolved pretty easily and Sandalwood soothes the path. Yes, I'll take the chigger bites with nary a complaint. Just ask Primate.

I falsely blamed this spider for all my bites and kept him in solitary confinement for 3 days while I was hoping to run across an entomologist which never happened but I did run across Lena and she looked at my welts and proclaimed chiggers! She is an excellent self taught clinician and although she recently misdiagnosed my stress fracture I was going with her on the chiggers and set this spider free.

I made a little trip to
Forest Lane Botanicals and brought home this maidenhair fern with red stems.

Fern doing the Shiva Rea dance.

 Linus sent me out to photograph the vitex.

Williamsburg Farmers' Market rewards help all ailments.



Peach Cobbler

We spent a day going back to nature, maybe it is not a good time of the year to walk in the woods.

National Refuge surrounds Flowerdew Hundred.

Observation platform  @ Constance Darden Nature Trail and site where I initiated a hasty retreat to the car.
#82 Warm Spinach Salad


Butterflies for Ellen
Injured tibia something or other with Dr. McCarthy's calcium rec.
Bone growth and healing underway, yippee!

Dive right in, the water is fine. Just wear earplugs and have an umbrellla handy.


  1. sorry 'bout the chiggers and the banshees and the spiders and the centipedes. see why i love brooklyn? you get the right exterminator to come once a month and you don't see a bug and you get a cat and you never see a rodent.
    of course, my downstairs and upstairs neighbors did neither of these things and couldn't figure out why we were so lucky.

  2. Carlanonymous, you can take the girl outta Brooklyn......

  3. miss you madly.


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