They Train Horses Don't They

 We saw chick pea plants, learned lots about crop rotation, no till farming (must ask Linus) and met fabulous people on VCE's Taking Root Farm Tour.

1st stop Lee Hi Farm

These beauties stole the show at Carisbrooke Farm

German Shepherd Pups

John Clark was generous with his time. 
Inside the barn, it was great!

Getting some TLC
Cricket Clark giving a dog training primer. Cricket's and John's energy needs to be bottled along with their hospitality!

Searching for the Stallions. 
Rounding up the visit with Jackie, former owner and horsewoman extraordinaire. 

Cricket  mesmerizing the crowd.
Ended the day with #80


  1. nice post ... looks like a great outing. no tomatoes and lots of animals - my kind of day. and corn taking centerstage on the plate!
    i assume the adult german shepherd was mama or papa dog, but no credit was given so i would like to add that s/he's a beauty. i do love those dogs! (it wasn't my shepherd that bit brendan)
    linus looks years younger with the worries of the financial world off his back. he hides the financial worries of the personal nature well...but, yeah, i see 'em.
    carla anonymous

  2. Carla, there might have been a few veggies in the photo of our first farm stop. But....we did not eat any.the adult Shepherd was Mama. She had one eye on her pups at all times and if Papa came near she got her Irish no I mean German up fast! The pups will be working dogs when they grow up.....military or police. They have a rich tradition of service,.


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