Woman 57 Looks 57

Pay back is cold, injury laden, and laborious.  The medial sides of my knees are aching apparently due to sitting on my flat arse all winter causing it to flatten even more and adding insult to injury also causing "it" to take a turn south creating a ripple effect of atrophy from said arse all the way down to my toes!

Laziness, not disease, is the culprit. Lunges in, squats in, ice cream out!

#31 Kale salad, white beans, and baked potato.

 Primate has come to terms with my relationship with roots; it extends from rutabagas to beets to of course the potato; my love preordained by my gaelic roots.  

Using up the left over baked potatoes. Even better.

#32. Baked goat cheese rounds, potatoes, and roasted agave beets.

#33. Baked Fried Brown Rice adapted from my new favorite blog Kiersten's oh my veggies. And since I still can't successfully make rice I used a brown rice blend. A rice cooker is on my wish list.....friends claim they can't live without one....errr or at least just can't make decent rice.

#34. Belgian endive, carrot, and cilantro salad from Georgeanne Brennan's book Great Greens. In the past I would hit it out of the ballpark for Linus when I made chicken breasts stuffed with arugula from a recipe in Great Greens. Now I struggle with cutting endive and even pronouncing it. Delicious anyway you slice/say it especially with Wolfgang Puck's Asian Vinaigrette.

I  added kale chips to the presentation but there was no fooling Linus. He balked. He did not feel they were anything like potato chips. At all.

Meantime Linus is sweating out who will be chosen to lead the flock. Infallibility, birth control, the role of women in the church or lack thereof, and a long line of other issues dominate his thoughts.

Bren is back refreshed and recentered from a yoga retreat.

Pat is working his magic trying to replace his iphone that met its' demise spinning in a 100 gallon industrial washing machine. Kind of appropriate since Pat tossed it along with his towel after a spin class.

I goldilocksed my way into an acro yoga class.  I was wiped out an hour and a half into it when I realized there was another hour and a half to go! Thrones and birds led to a much appreciated closing thai yoga massage. Thanks Lisa. Loved the teacher. Thanks Katie Capano!

My favorite video of the week is An Animated Guide to Becoming the Next Pope and favorite email quote is from Andy, a musician and one of Primate's biking buddies. He was sadly informing Primate and others that he would not be able to join them on their Friday 50 miler, "I gotta stick close to home today, boys. In training for bar mitzvah.  Feeling sequestered and Popeless.  Have a safe ride."

Have a safe ride everybody!