The Night The Lights Went Out In ....Asheville

                                  #35 Salad

                                and Shrimp Scampi.

      #36. Guacamole solo version while Primate scavenges up north.

     #37. Friday night during Lent Tuna Sandwich at the Lentz'....hey wait a minute it's Friday night in Lent 365 days a year here.

      I thought I had the Primate trained to come to dinner  as soon as he hears the camera click.......he just needs a little fine tuning. 


                 and Bob's Red Mill 13 Bean Soup for #38.

                 Faulty's Waldorf Salad to welcome Ellen.

     Crab cakes and spinach quiche to round out #39. I overdid it. There was coconut shrimp too.  I hope Elle doesn't think I cook like this all the time.

                     #40 was the usual at The Crust,

                 but special because this time  we were joined by Ellen and Bobby.

                               #41, a leftover feast.

     #42 should have been Soquel's rehearsal dinner but I was so busy eating pasta and cake, coconut and chocolate, I forgot. For the record that is one slice of chocolate and one slice of coconut.  Just as I was beginning to get Terry's daughters straight the lights went out! Cell phones, candles, flashlight from our car, (Cathy had one in her handbag!! talk about being prepared!!) shed enough light to keep the party going.
     One outfit in the books, one outfit to go!
     Lights came back on in time for a little nightcap and went to sleep relieved, knowing the bridal party would find use for all that electricity in the morning.

                            We met Cathy for breakfast,

and toured Biltmore Forest. Unbeknownst to me, the day before The Biltmore Estate had heralded the arrival of Ellen, Terry, and Bobby, with a band and much hoopla. I forget the exact lineage that connects this generation to the Cornelius Vanderbilts but I think the family chart is housed out in Centerport at the Vanderbilt Museum and includes the fact that Elle always wears Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. I am twice related,  my paternal ancestors go back to Cornelius' father and the Moravian Church on Staten Island where my ancestor Peter Coulon, formerly of Montbeliard, was a member along with the Vanderbilts. I am sure Cornie ferried the Coulons of Windsor Chair fame back and forth to Manhattan where they were "in business". My dismay when hearing that Anderson Cooper would not be attending the events of the day was overwhelming... as I was so looking forward to catching up.

     Primate wanted a closer look at natural gas station and then we went off to......
A  Beautiful Wedding at the Basilica of St. Lawrence....

 The deacon reminded all of us, marriage is not a 50-50 proposition. Mary Walsh, too, always emphasized the same, adding that you will often be called on to give more than 100%. For this happy couple, I'm sure it will be a piece of cake.

Responsibilities done!

     #42 but barely, as you can see I forgot again. I made not one, but two trips to the buffet.  I'm just saying... Collard Greens.....delicious.

      See that railing behind the beautiful bride? Primate wished he could have jumped off it when he found himself called to the dance floor. He made it through the entire song!  35 years and one dance for us and 7 years of marriage for Tim and Erica!

                           It is what it is.

     After my own self inflicted hoopla getting my wedding attire together...primate does have a lot of patience, I was surprised to meet Sarah.

                             John subs for John W.

Veronique and Linus

                         Meg with her dancing shoes on.