Asheville Apps

     We began our last full day in Asheville with breakfast.

                              City Bakery Cafe

     Raced off to find The North Carolina Arboretum, found it but put it on the back burner, watched a women's bike race in a mall parking lot, toured the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway,

                           got a broom,

                           toured the Blue Ridge,

                               at a scenic overlook

 took a photo of a couple who just a few minutes before had gotten engaged,
got our picture take by the newly engaged couple,

                       took some pictures of the mountains,

 visited the Ballard Cemetery on Ox Creek Rd., took some pictures on Ox Creek Rd.,

drove to Weaverville for no apparent reason,
had lunch and toured The River Arts District, fell in love with a painting in The Contraption Series by Kathryn Phillips,(which would always remind me if we were to purchase it of Ellen's aphorism that she lives in a frat house with heavy equipment), went up and down Town Mountain Rd. a lot, but not Vance Gap, (all the while I was suffering with vertigo and Linus was cheering on the bike riders), walked all around Asheville, had #42 Thai for dinner,

Linus discovered Hot is not exclusive to NY, had coffee in Double D's bus, and was treated to more goodies including shamrocks for our 35th (daffodils came later from Ellen and the girl with a rabbit I dipped into my mad money to purchase at Nancy Thomas Gallery)

back at the hotel with Ellen, Terry, and John, which included Champagne too and lots of laughter.