Where's The Cereal?

Rule #1. Buy plenty of cereal for hungry New Yorkers.  Everyday I went out to buy more...there was never enough in the cupboard. It satisfies vegetarians, carnivores, and vegans alike. As a matter of fact they all CRAVE it.

In between house hunting and a visit from the boys we spent Tuesday, Family Day driving to the OBX.  At the Red Sky Cafe in Duck I had a great salad and Primate enjoyed crab cakes.

Limelight Hydrangea
Bren and Pat arrived Friday August 9th and Linus greeted them with his itenerary in hand. There would be no resting on our laurels this week. The boys took turns trying to tire out Linus but in the end he was the last one standing.

After Saturday Farmers Market a bike ride.

Saturday Evening @ Phi Beta Kappa
Henry James' play was mesmerizing according to Linus...he was totally unaware that he slept through half! Acting was superb. Meaning may come to us in our next life.
Sunday's heavenly weather was perfect for bird watching, bike riding, lawn mowing, pool hopping, and party on the patio. 

Andy, Bren, Kimberly, Pat, & Mick.

#95 Tequila Glazed Chicken with Jalapeno

Bittman's Potato Salad

Napa Cabbage and Tofu Salad

Compliments to Jean and Kimberly for dessert!

How many miles am I going to have to ride?

Monday brought another bike ride, this time with Don, Pete, Andy, and Jim. Brendan made us lunch and then we went to James Landing for dinner and a chance for the boys to hear Andy's Jazz Quartet.

Bren's pesto avocado salsa toast

James Landing Grill for #96

Andy on bass and friends

Tuesday was family day and my bright idea was to head up to Stratford Hall,  birthplace of Robert E. Lee. The Times reported on Virginia's Lost History and by listening to other people's conversations I heard the food was good so away we went. Pat and I will take a raincheck next time.

#97 Back at home
Wednesday was Pat's turn to accompany Linus on a bike ride so Bren and I replenished the cereal shortage and had a little yoga showdown in the yard.

We enjoyed the music and #98 and Daddy O's in Norge.

I've decided to chunk this week in half.....make it more manageable and find time to think of ways to increase my readership, as I promised Carla my goal this month is to double my subscribers, go from one to two! Actually Carla isn't even subscribed but everytime I multiply zero by two I still come up with zero. Maybe the word has got out that my closet, one of the less offensive views, looks like this....

So a few #hashtags and or cliffhangers# might help me reach my goal.
Will Brendan ever come down from headstand, will there be enough cereal to feed this bunch, will Pat ever stop reading that 1,500 page Stephen King novel, will Linus ever stop riding his bike, will I ever clean out my closet, who is the ping pong champion, these questions answered and more, next time.


  1. i do believe i am an official subscriber now!!!!!! one times one is one. you're halfway to your goal!!!

    couple of quick things:
    1. love the title of your post
    2. love the fact that pat poses with his hands on his hips
    3. love the yoga photos but why didn't brendan just pick the chair up and put it on his head?

    1. Congratulations to me! Thank you my no. 1 subscriber! Re: Bren's chair yoga....picking up the chair and putting it on your head is only included in the sequence on New Year's Day in Philly.

    2. what's the post name? he's not a tufted duck, is he?

  2. another quickie...don't know where 'satire savant' name came from. i think it was something to do with my trying to comment on a particular post one time but i didn't know what i was doing and forgot all about it. didn't know it was kept anywhere in this cyberworld of ours. going to try to fix it. otherwise, i may go back to anonymous.

  3. but i can't get a picture to upload. little wheel keeps on turnin' ...poor carla keeps on burnin'


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