What Hangs in the Balance?

 A needle in my eye would be preferable to hanging anything on a wall with Linus. Insufferable! But hang things we must.... this is my latest quilt....before we take it down to hang again....cutting, measuring, washing, shrinking.....ugh. Linus says we are much better off not working together.

 My last post left you hanging. Bren did finally come down from headstand, I don't know if Pat ever finished the book, Linus is still riding, even has a crash into a telephone pole to add to his stories, and my closet is worse than ever although I bought a laundry basket to store my weights and mats. I also purchased a Martha Stewart Living mag on organization but the cashier did not pack it in my canvas reusable bags and I left the store without it. Small Steps. If you can't hang it up, which if you saw a full picture of my closet you would know that I can't hang a thing, nail it down.

On the 8th the boys and I attended Missy's (aka Crystal Fairy) vinyasa and she delivered a great class.

We met Linus after class.

Enjoyed Berry Body Frozen Yogurts in our favorite little burg garden.

Friday was our road trip.

Our favorite City Bakery

 #99. Checking out the eats at A-Loft before our collective hearing loss.
Bruce Hornsby and the NOISEMAKERS
The scene at the Orange Peel

Yoga after Bruce anyone?
Maybe we were just a tad bit too close to the stage. Pat bailed first, then me, then Bren, Linus was the last man standing. His hearing comes and goes since then.

We saw some art, made some art, listened to some art, and bought some art, even though we knew we might have to hang some art at some future date.

We discovered the ultimate Whack a Joy.



Morning Glory in Black Mountain, NC

We said our sad au revoir to our sons on Sunday and headed over to Prince George for Second Sunday. Simultaneously a beer fest was happening on DOG Street.

Ate again.


On Tuesday, Family Day, we hung out on a bridge that was hanging from another bridge. 

And this was my crazy idea. I only have myself to blame.

We celebrated Linus' Big 6.....I was too cheap to buy the zero.

Arthur Schwartz' Banana Cream Pie
We took down and hung the quilt for the final? time.

Hanging next to the aforementioned closet.
Closing out the month with #58 looming and forget Forest Hills the ping pong tournament stands 5 games to 2, advantage Linus.


  1. Great blog for the month of august, especially belle island not to be confused with belle isle.....


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