Napa daze

In phase 1 our home base was the Aqua Hotel near to but not exactly in Mill Valley. The town mimicked Sag Harbor except it was on mountain steroids, we have to go back. Mt. Tam, West Blithedale Ave.  much more to explore.  It was from here that we set out for SF, Muir Woods, Tiburon, Sausalito, and finally Napa. Primate ended up driving 1600 miles by the time the trip was over. He needs another vacation. 

The nice folks at Napa's bike shop gave us directions for the back road to Yountville. The road is used by bikers so now we are in the know.

Silverado Trail

If life wasn't good enough; it just got better.
 Nourishment of the heavenly kind at Lucy's . Don't let any crazy unflattering reviews keep you away, it is the best. Back on the road, no winery stops for us, cannot drink and drive, just of course text, eat, and ipad away for my driver; preferably while traversing hairpin mountainous turns. One may have detected some disharmony here, but we got over it.

Down from the valleys and a quick visit to Muir Beach to practice driver's multi-tasking skills some more.

Snapped this photo as primate was cheering on a lone bicylist. Uphill all the way.

Follow this road to Zen at the Green Gulch Farm ... on our next trip.