Don't step on the giants!

          231 miles from Mill Valley to our next stop Tenaya Lodge in Fish Camp.  California almonds, artichokes, tomatoes, and pistachios abundant as we drove that's where our food comes from! Ahh, there was no time to waste; there was work to be done. 
Happily clueless before climbing Sentinel Dome

No Dogs!  It's only 1.1 miles.

Catching my breath. Yoga did not prepare me for this!
I discovered oxygen is important at 8,000 feet. Forget my lungs, my head was a half dome of pain....who cares about seeing Half Dome.

                                          View from Sentinel Dome

         The view was awesome, and even though I am a sea level kind of gal ( I thought the Roslyn Clock Tower was scary) I was beginning to enjoy the high, err maybe that was the high of descending!
          Next morning we got up early enough to park the car at Mariposa Grove. No idea  our National Parks are so popular  and everyone wants to see a 2,000 year old tree? I am a knucklehead. Primate led the way, 4 miles, amazing trees, and I think, a pileated.  

The New Colossus "I lift my lamp beside the golden door." Emma Lazarus

Honey, could you cut up that tree in the back yard?
Better get a few new blades.

Jack! Are you home?
 An afternoon devoted to sitting around the pool and doing nothing.
Primate got a lesson in the art of bone storage and bilateral craniotomies from Dr. Stephen of Belfast and I prepared for a blueberry whip all body scrub. Opposites do attract.
Next morning, one last look at Yosemite.
Wonderful welcoming smile from Deborah Martin ...little sign next to her claims 17  bears hit by cars to date...eeek

Inside the South Entrance Elevation 7,753 ft
Back up Glacier Point Road we go, aiming our sights on the Taft Pt. trail.

I am going where?
Even my hero is stepping tentatively                       

Find the climber on El Capitan