Goldilocksing for Bears

Could not conjure up any bears in Yosemite! But we made it to Taft Point.. Less goldilocksing in thin air, much appreciated by the primate. Admittedly, I wasn't ready to break out singing "I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills, boom dee ah da" a Sr. Michelle Paul favorite in 4th grade, but my fear of height was easing by the time we reached Taft and I had by then, half way through our trip, felt emboldened by our drive from Muir Woods up the Pacific Coast Hwy.
         Just out of SFO we fortuitously maneuvered our first parking spot on Prosper St. in the Mission whilst Elton's voice played in our heads.
The Dead soundtrack the primate chose for this trip  fading away temporarily. Oh the Power of Music!

           Enjoyed our lunch at Delfina's  on 18th (they gave us some free food, we could not identify, still we cleaned our plates). Everly comparing the food and restaurant to NY. East, West, apples, oranges, can't be done!
Bikes and dogs everywhere we went.

Bikes to the left, people on the right.

In cars

On balconies

                           Got it all covered in Sausalito

From the Golden Gate Park
Haight Ashbury

Pacific Heights


                   Quick excursions to Berkeley and Stanford. Lesson learned for me, never lend your cell phone to strangers, and for the Primate get a map of the campus or you might find yourself minoring in geology at Stanford.

                        The trees of Muir Woods

Ocean View Trail to Lost Trail to Fern Creek Trail

                     Re-Joyce! Primate finding his dharma. 
Old Age Looks Good

Saw the whale @ North Salmon Creek PCH

on the Sonoma Coast

Old St. Hilary's @ Tiburon

If we were keeping score West Coast ahead

Me likey here!