New York State of Mind Day 3

Mom's Day begins with two sons, the primary, presents, and affirmations to be nice to each other. We slipped a few times.....but mostly stayed the course!

A few family shots before we head east AGAIN!

With the man

Maps Exit 56 LIE

Destination Southampton

The landscape


Let the games begin...OUCH!

working on the Dharma

For the sake of art

On his way up
on the rise

Topiary Yoga
Pat still has it

The dad assists

slippery grass

with a little help from a friend

Root down to rise....or maybe the roots need an application of L'Oreal,  really though,  photos add pounds! 

hmmmm fat is like water, it seeks its own level...ouch

One last peak inside, I could settle in here nicely.

From Southampton to Sag Harbor.  After the Pimary chose to park as if we were in Walley World, Pat and I raced to see if we could eat at Muse....not possible on Mothers Day, darn those crazy mothers. Provisions  it was, think tempeh, black beans, avocado, tasty, healthy, us fueled up for a little more sight seeing. Soaked up some Zen at Urban Zen, t-shirt for the Primary, a little more fuel for just the 'rents at The Golden Pear Cafe(I had not seen the pics of my other side yet), adorable little street urchins running in and out of Tutto ll Giorno, a stroll in The Old Burying Ground, spotted a famous Lincoln, the cup overfloweth in Sag Harbor, so much to see.

Window Art 

Dutch influences @ Bloom

Lincoln drives away, bench sitting, and Maitre'd  saves the urchins from disaster

Outside the Old Burying Ground. Pyrus Salicifolia Pendula aka Weeping Willowleaf Pear. Getting it.
Thank you my three sweethearts!