Lost in Brooklyn

After reading about Brooklyn's artisanal food in NewYork mag, http://nymag.com/news/features/artisanal-brooklyn-2012-4/  I had may heart set on getting to the Brooklyn Flea.

The smorgasburg was calling out to me; so I called my friend Carla and dragged her along. Well really, she was a willing participant! Driving a mere 29.4 miles could have been a very foolish choice but we opted car over train anyway. Caution to the wind and promise the primary I would be very careful parking.

Found a spot 1, 2, 3.
Lafayette Ave. Fort Greene

Fort Green made for a beautiful walk. Carla pointed out architectural details on the brownstones and offered a lesson on how to tell the difference between brownstones built as a single family dwelling  from brownstones built to accommodate 3 or 4 families. I am still not sure.... but the front steps are a clue. I like to check off ancestral sites and I was glad to see signs for Bishop Loughlin H.S. along the way. My 
Aunt Pat attended and it would have been nice to get a few photos.

Flea Fun 
Bikes of course

Beautiful woman & her work. Carla shilled and purchased.

and these?


people watching

the goods

The smorgasburg could not be thoroughly enjoyed in one visit. There's more to eat when I return but I did have a delicious roasted beet salad with focaccia.
Valdet's Masala Chai + Dosa Royal

Fresh local fruit ice pops

Pizza Moto

on line new york style (no computers)

Not sure if porchetta is vegan

Save the whales, eat lobster.

  As we left the Flea with our purchases, Carla's earrings and my tea towel, we took one last look for Bishop Loughlin H.S. but did not see it. We drove up to Park Slope, circled the streets a few times and found a parking spot.. It was a great day for the Irish.

Carla, a former resident of the Slope or the Hill as Grandmother Hopkins called it, was smug to be back in her element. Couldn't take the smile off her face. Cause, you can take the girl outta brooklyn but you can't take the brooklyn outta the girl. We surprised Carla's friends Bob & Judy at their shop Bob & Judy's Coolectibles on 5th ave.

Bob, Carla, & Judy 


After a few dozen years in business Bob and Judy are preparing to pack it all in and head west. 95 days to go! Best wishes to them!

Carla and I topped of the day at La Villa Pizzeria. Brooklyn, pizza, what else?

On the way out of Dodge I caught a glimpse of Dharma Yoga Brooklyn, I was so excited I almost started to look for another place to park. Looking up at a bay window on a beautiful corner brownstone, I could see people gathering inside.... first I thought it was a restaurant, then I saw the sign, even better, Yoga. Another reason to return.

Made it home, no problem. Few days later I learned from my cousin Cathy, my Brooklyn guru, that the Brooklyn Flea is held in the yard of Bishop Loughlin H.S. We were there and didn't know it. I was so proud of myself, bragging that I was beginning to know my
bklyn north from my bklyn south, east from west....not so fast! Check my ego at the door 'cause I am still

Lost In Brooklyn.


  1. This was great I can't stop smiling.......I almost want to go ....

  2. Great Post and Picture Mom! Favorite Picture was Lafayette Ave. Fort Greene - nice colors.


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