The Breast, A Bump In The Road

A little distraction before surgery. Walken, Walk out.
The face I make after 4 shots of sentinel node radioactive dye were injected into my areola and a guide wire was inserted and left hanging on the outside of my breast, it felt like a wire clothes hanger had impaled me and I wasn't even getting any channels. Nothing good in that goody bag either!
Meditating and trying not to move that wire!!!
A New York mammo, ultrasound, two phone calls, come in again please, not much, just a NODULE,  get those records to VA stat, find a GYN, get a script for retake, get another mammo, another ultrasound, endure a botched 3D biospy, ouch, try an ultrasound biospy, get the news from Barb, invasive ductal carcinoma, ouch, get a surgeon, oncologist, and radiologist, get an MRI, find out your allergic to contrast dye, get a bone density test, have surgery, enjoy the flowers, love the food deliveries and well wishers, apply lots and lots of aloe and helichrysum oil, watch primate work, morning, noon, and night, discover a spitting stitch sucks is incredibly uncomfortable, go to radiation, get two tattoos, get a mold made, get radiated, love all the nurses and techs from beginning to end, some of the doctors, graduate to anastrazole for the next 15 years, OUCH. If I live long enough to finish that prescription, will I be able to feel like my old self at 76??$$##

Pat"s Flowers

Marianne Quilt

Campfire Eggs a'la Primate 

Chocolate Raspberry Dreams Breakfast Parfait a'la Oh She Glows and flower and chocolate all from the Charltons. Merci!

Vegan Chili from Bill McNamara!
The police are my parents?

Turns out I need a little help remembering if I took that #$%??ing Pill!


  1. Thx for showing me what grace looks like in real life; you continue to amaze me!!


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