Christmas past

Over, Off, and Outside the box.

Over the Hudson. Seeking new heights, Breakneck Ridge 7 Nov 2015

St. Peter's, New Kent, Va 13 Nov 2016 First Church of The First, First Lady

Desiree Rumbaugh Workshop. This is the only photo [blurry or otherwise] I took at Desiree Rambaugh's workshop. Block set up for head stand! What is wrong with me...want to see Desiree in photos. Anyhow we looked up at our feet in handstand and did some very difficult downdogs. 15 Nov 2015

Caroline Hardy 16 Nov 2015

Leonardo brings home Peaceful Warrior

See The Warrior and Man With An Entire House That He Calls His Man Cave   
                            Forearm Plank Competition No Sound Just Imagine Me Crying

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015

Thanksgiving 26 Nov 2015

        Lots to be grateful for!  Mexican hot chocolate, Irish turnips, and stuffing for the primate! Low salt, vegan, vegetarian, and keto friendly! Coming right up.                                      

I wish I could remember the broccoli recipe. It had French Fried onions and cheese probably all I need to know.

December dinner at Flourishing Farms
Tie a knot in 50 easy steps.

Christmas Eve. We got some boxing in before Boxing Day.
Jingle Balls

Cardamon Disaster

Christmas Card Competion Lenny's Favorite

Laura's Favorite

Holiday seasons past....cause I failed to take many photos. I do remember Bryce and company joined us Christmas day!

Pictionary, slurpees, Missy & Kara

Watching St. Boniface Christmas Show 1989

The Narrator

Henry Linderman & Catherine Linderman Lentz Canby, MN pre 1930


Outside the box, Cauliflower pizza to close out the year! Nourish, cultivate, be passionate, find a rhythm to your breath, happy new year!