january february where is july

Winter, please let go.  We find things to do while we wait for the rays to slant in our favor.

               Getting my locks fixed with Emilie @ Rapunzel's

                                  #177 We ate.

                                      We read.

We soak up Art if not the Sun @ VMFA.  Lu Tong must have been channeling GG, our official arbiter of all things tea, spice up the tea with shopping and who needs immortality.

Her pretty face in the lighting fixture hard at work @ Shades of Light .

                   a nod to Lunkhead...while enjoying The Forbidden City @ VMFA, sorry it's blurry L.

                            #178. Salad & Cannellini

                                #179 Grandma Pie

Oh my aching back.....don't remember who, how, or why, but peas has come in very handy for both of us.

                              #180 Kitchen on Cary

                               Tribe Basketball


        It was a snowy day and we had the run of Muscarelle for Leonardo with Leonardo.

#182 Swiss and the seemingly endless supply of  cherry tomatoes in February.

                               It looks good?          

                                #183 Spicy Sobas
                         Happy Valentine's Day 3 ft. long stems!

                                A Virginia dusting.

Close the Schools and good luck buying a snow shovel and ice melt. Better have some indoor projects 'cause you'll be home bound indefinitely definitely.

                              #184 maybe farro or barley?


                                  #186 Escarole

Whose wood these are......white oak leaves know how to "lean in."