What's that smell?

Once upon a time there were fuzzy rabbits that I loved to spot along the side of the road on the way to Jones Beach. Years later in my 30's I saw a deer for the first time ever. How exciting. It can take a long time to get close to wildlife. The waiting is over.

Nancy Thomas must love fuzzy rabbits.
Fast forward to present day and my fickle self would love to see a lot less deer and crazy wabbits around here. I smell and stink, all the time. Cuddling with me is only possible if you have no sense of smell. Vigilance is easy these beautiful spring days but I'll probably start smelling good again come June when outdoor work means sitting by the pool. 'Til then it's eau du Repels-All.

Let's have a little fern salad, hold the dressing.

Lambs ears, dwarf delphiniums, columbine, curry, artemisia, and agertum by the red maple.

Petunias from John Clayton Chapter of the Virginia Native Plant Society.

Serious matter, sufficient reflection (beforehand), free will: check, check, check. Mortal, venial, I'm just reflecting, haven't done anything yet. If any action is taken the Primate will do it and I'll only have venial hanging over my head. He can take the hit for mortal. That's how it works, isn't it?

Rhodies are safe and delphiniums too but don't plant a rose or you'll have your own zoo.

As lovely as a tree.....except for Crape Myrtles; one saved, and one to go, the leaning tree is down along with a myriad of invasive hollies, the vitex are cut in half, and the dead tree is resting.

Safety First.
A trip to Cary St. brought out the best in the Walshes.

Ellen & Terry

Namaste...nothing to do with the cousins.

Pete's pruning advice.

A little shoulder surgery did not stop him. Graduated from PT and on his way to the gym.
The very next night I dragged him here!

More than a little pruning.

Love Home Depot replacement.

My work.

Primate did not think I acted alone.

Thanks to B-Defined I can not only saw down a tree I can catch it midair before it takes out a rhodie.

Maples are nice.

Waiting for Alan to return to the morning crew we got this crazy idea to send him a photo with all his favorite things pasted in. 14 hours later this is what I came up with. 

When it finally stopped snowing the road crews came out.

Glen Cove.


We went out looking at dormers.

I'll take the dormer, the house, and the gardener!

I got flowers from the primate for our 36th.

We ate, had vino and hot chocolate. We ate some more.





First Star Fruit courtesy of Glynis' trip to FLA.

Not enough flowers in a day.

When the wine ran out and shrimp didn't satisfy we turned to the old standby, potatoes aka vegetarian corned beef and cabbage.

#132. St. Patrick's day dinner.
There was no shortage of desserts.

We ate a lot of ice cream!


# 134  Fish too.
#135. Asparagus soup.
#136. Art Cafe, twice in one day!

#137. Quinoa Burger.

We visited the Farmers Market and CW.

A visit from Bren spurred a return to family day and a visit to Grandview Nature Preserve to look for a piping plover. We did see a cardinal.


We've gained about 20lbs between us and with jumping rope and bike riding we're shedding some of it. Our windows are sparkling clean thanks to Kevin and Jennifer. The garden is coming alive. Everyone is healthy. Grateful.

Getting in touch with mindfulness and equanimity. Spaciousness and calm mind even under stress, especially under stress! Love yoga! Grateful.

Thanks to Terry Gross and the Primate for listening to her interview with Sam Baker. Listen here to Broken Fingers.


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