Our Guard Dog

Our ferocious guard dog has returned to his post after a long winter of hibernation. Last summer we developed a nice working relationship. I am so happy he is back!

He is so cute and friendly. Reliable too, he rarely, if ever, leaves his post. 
A few great pictures of CW missed the deadline on my last post so I bring them to you now.

Another dog on Dog Street

I like the taste of this leash.

Greek yogurt sells out fast.

Primate thinks he can pull a fast one.
#138. Le Yaca with Jean, Donna, & Martha

French desserts!
Basket of Gold @ Colonial Nursery

Bell jars, Cloches, whatever, I want the big one.

Gotta get off Dog St.
Back on the main thoroughfare. I thought this was Dog St.

What a handsome fellow! And he smelled so clean and he was eating leaves! Two traits I admire in a creature, a clean leaf eater. I need him in my yard.
On the Middle Peninsula we ate twice in one night with Jean & Andy. #139. In Topping we ate lots of oysters at Merroir. Still hungry we had 2 desserts each, not Jean (she is not a glutton) at Something Different.

Our table @ Something Different

Something Different scene.
Andy takes a selfie.
Historic Garden week finally arrives!
The Pritchard house amazes, maps, floors, bedroom, garden. Take me back to Ireland, wait, no, I'll take a house on College Creek.

The Grotto, Thanks Mr. Architect you were the funniest person of the day! Maybe you'll draw me up a turret!

All the homes were beautiful as were the arrangements put together by the Williamsburg Garden Club. Powder room sink was my favorite. Oh , and i think i may like roosters after all.
Make Way For Merrick, he'll probably be a vertical thinker like his Grandad!