The Ice Man & the Ice Woman cometh

It's Valentine's day eve as I write this and thanks to the Walsh-Harding clan I have a card that displays the sentiment. Its' arrival also succeeded in making me feel guilty over not having sent a single card myself. That would mean getting stamps, cards, choosing different ones for each person blah, blah, blah, I can't even begin to think about going to the post office. So to make things clear here and much easier on myself I'd like to say that I love everyone beginning with the Ice Man,  my handsome sons Brendan & Patrick, and all my friends etc. Oh but wait, more reasons for sweat drenching guilt. For weeks my morning fitness center crowd has been vociferously expressing all the amazing things they are doing for their loved ones in honor of Valentines Day. Painting the laundry room, spa gift certificates, and love coupon books! OMG.

I shamefully offered up my own plan to make ice cream for the Ice Man. I have all the ingredients, found all the parts to the ice cream maker and later today, or tomorrow at the latest, I am going to make Sprouted Kitchen's peppermint ice cream. Honestly though wouldn't I be showing my love more by not making the ice cream?

Backtracking, one of my followers, Helen Clare, wanted more info on the Made in Mathews tour. We chose three studios and had a great time. It's as much  fun to see the home studios as it is to check out the artists' creations. Kimberly loved the sheep and the one sad crazy llama or alpaca (I can't tell farm animals apart) at Bentwaters Farm.

We have had a busy couple of weeks doing all the things retired people do, like getting dental implants and MRIs.  We also attended a celebration of Garrett's 100 year tenure. The highlight was their longest standing customer, she herself being 100 yrs old, receiving an award.

Memorabilia lined the walls, my little shot of the MWF bike club is tucked away 3rd photo from left.

This Mighty tree once stood guard @ Garrets.

Steve and the jubilant centenarian.

I steered clear of this table! 

Pete and Margaret standing at the head of the table. I like the 24 hour psycho sweatshirt too.
The sweetest doe eyed attendant and also the youngest.
We each ventured out onto the ice. I was present and screaming at the top of my lungs during both events.

Richardson's Mill Pond
My icy misadventure occurred this morning when I drove my 3,000 pound car (car lbs & mine) out of the garage and down the steepest iciest driveway of all time. It was the combo luge snowboard ice dancing event.  I completed and landed successfully a fishtail Salchow triple axel, triple lutz. No medal.  Kinda like the time I did a 360 at Glen Head golf course on a sled, only this time my tailbone is still in one piece.

I forewarned the fitness center crew that this may be the last time they see me; once the Primate sees the tire tracks on the driveway all bets were off. Just as Mike was reliving his 17.05 5K and Bridgit was sheepishly offering up her 20.05 5K first place who comes bounding into the gym? Yikes, Primate. But I live to tell the tale and he even thought I was kind of nervy to have done it!

Forward we will continue to enjoy winter sunsets, comfort food, the magical transformative works of our painters Jennifer and Kevin, and the Sochi Olympics. We continue to be ever grateful.

#127 Gingered Sweet Potato Soup

Painters parlay a pizza van and parked next to Primate's red bike. 

In closing, Carlabella curlilocks, my other sole follower,  got the answer to last week's puzzler correct. It was John Lennon.

And the Tuesday gratitude themed hot yoga class included this quote from Melody Beattie:

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order,
confusion into clarity . . .
It turns problems into gifts, failures into success,
the unexpected into perfect timing,
mistakes into important events.
Gratitude makes sense of our past,
brings peace for today,
and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
Melody Beattie


  1. Love the quote and the sunset! Thanks for perking up my cabin fever days! Gerry is on his way out to rescue the full garbage cans from a snow bank! How was the ice cream?

  2. Glad to help alleviate winter doldrums. My ice man has been enjoying ice cream all day! Sorry about garbage cans.....trash and snow just don't mix.


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