Farewell Kimberly and a New Workout

I have been pretty committed to weight training and/or elliptical-ling everyday. Yoga is fun, keeps the joints lubricated, clears the head, and feeds the soul but to keep the cholesterol from clogging up the veins a little cardio is needed. Not to mention that working out also helps improve my yoga practice...which may be my real motivator. Handstands please!

With all that in mind I took a class at B-defined with Bridgit Kin-Charlton. She is a fabulous teacher and very inspiring.....geez that girl never quits. Burpees, I thought had something to do with spring planting, not so!  Gliders were something to sit on while drinking pink lemonade on a hot summer day....not in this century! Single arm dumbbell row, dumbell rows whilst balancing in warrior 3, the JackKnife, and agility ladder squats were all new to me, except for those warrior 3 things but you would never know it from my form. The first exercise with the agility ladder was my least favorite on the circuit and oddly enough the second set, some kind of lateral movement with a squat, was my favorite exercise of the night. Bridgit offered modifications which I used liberally and before I return I am going to work at home on those burpees. Next time I'll have a little coordination and be less of a wimp.  The Primate hinted to me later that I may want to commit to the Bridgit plan and not be seen carrying a noodle down Mill Pond to the pool. Anywho, my thanks to Elizabeth for being my guiding light during class and Bernie for making me laugh. We all enjoyed delicious strawberry shakes before heading home.

Beautiful Bridgit wearing white is front and center. Her son
Bryce hams it up. As I look at all the fabulous pink and blue and turquoise sneakers I think I may need a trip to DSW. 

A farewell lunch #126, for Kimberly at ArtCafe26 was bittersweet.
Regardless, Glynis, Kimberly, and I still managed to enjoy ourselves. We got a few more lessons on incentivizing  and practiced the art of hands on hips and one bent knee for photo ops. Glynis and Kim probably never want to hear another word about Tiiiiiiina and Diary of a Mad Housewife again. Lenny stopped in for coffee and to join us in wishing Kimberly all the best!

Sibilla's lunch menu, food, ambiance, and art, were all wonderful, as usual. Kim, good luck back home, we'll miss you, and remember our story is not finished!


  1. Best of luck, Kimberly! Hope CT has less snow than NY! I know Laura will miss you terribly!


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