No Makeup Makeup Easter Paradox

A calling to the makeup bar, can arrive anytime....maybe it's just the British accent, I don't know, but Lisa Eldridge is addicting and no makeup makeup is fun.

Recycling oneself into a no makeup makeup person does not come without rewards but it does cost.....luminosity is shockingly pricey.

I headed up North looking for Spring and found these two bikers instead.

I planned the menu, which is half the battle, picked up everything at Whole Foods, without my list, which of course I had left at home, and shopping being the other half of the battle, meant that now all my remaining energy could be directed toward putting a bountiful Easter Brunch on the table. I'll take an A for effort....the results were a little disappointing.

Saturday's meal, #48 put together willy-nilly was much more successful. But don't go by Carla, she does not "do" salad. Especially if it contains spinach, arugula, quinoa, and goat cheese, and is washed down with Bren's watermelon juice.

Before dinner Carla and I walked down to Sunset Park and the boys caught up with Randy and took some photos of his car.

I need someone to explain this one?

As the sun rose on Easter morning, primate took over house readiness and cleanliness patrol and waved us Yogis off to Equinox and an 8 AM class with my favorite yoga teacher of all time, Raj Shtrom.

The class was wonderful and more importantly I survived as did Bren and Pat. Modified Marichyasana Raj style is our new family signature yoga competition....another paradox! I loved Raj's advice as she began our 3 minute savasana (hey listen up we are at Equinox, no time in the schedule for meditation!!), "You can give this time away to someone else or use it for yourself!" I kinda floundered since I was considering how I was going to race after her and get the photo without embarassing myself too much!

Finished up with a shower to end all showers and Kiehl's. OMG the rich are different. Build me that shower Primate, Please!

#49 Easter Brunch for Dinner: Vegan French Toast, Asparugus & Pineapple, Kevin's Shrimp, Raspberries, Fruit Salad, and I hope a soon to be forgotten Spinach & Mushroom Quiche

Where is my birthday hat?

Birthday Cake #2
Different Strokes: Mary enjoying Starbucks, Pat enjoying Lemon Water and Cayenne Pepper.
#50 Crispy Quinoa Sliders
Redeemed myself a little with How Sweet It Is' Crispy Quinoa Sliders. Enough cooking! #51 was an incredible meal at Linda D's  house.


Broccoli Rabe!

Carla, Terry, Linda, and Diane

St Francis Wine in honor of the Pope, Olives, Jazz, Sparkling Water, Beer, and get a load of that Farmhouse Table! I hope she invites me back again!

Happy Diners
Boarded the train in Manhasset for another Birthday Celebration in the city.

Leaving Penn

One World Trade Rising as Women Deliberate

Yes, The Sun Is Shining!

Of course I have to check out the line at Shake Shack

Krishna, Krishna

His mom said he had been doing some serious thinking all day!

Another Serious Thinker

Onward to #52  at Peacefood Cafe.

Picking up the Package at Serenity On The Sixth  and believe me you'll need some serenity or sustenance or something after climbing 6 flights! 

Little Window Shopping

Boys indulged my picture taking habit.

Nachos and Peace Bowl, oops we ate fast, lets open the gifts.

Love this Space