Motor Vehicle Blues No More

Rules are made to be broken. Dinner # 53  a'la chez Elle & Terese. Maybe in the car. I can't quite tell. Nice little picnic setup. Martha Stewartish if only there was something from the food pyramid, which we should not go by anyway, as it seems to favor Big Food Corporations! Bloomberg may have something negative to say about what is in the can, but all in all it looks like my kind of dinner. I have many unconventional meals too, I am just too embarrassed to photograph them. But if this little 365 Dinner Challenge is ever going to end, I am going to have to begin padding the numbers and therefore I am accepting this meal on the grounds that Terese and Elle thought about me while they were eating it.

Out of chronological order is #54, eaten weeks ago at The Crust. Linus and I enjoyed sitting at the bar for the first time. I was eating light that night, Linus on the other hand not so much.

Dessert For Linus.
In between pizzas I began searching high and low for my drivers license. It was of utmost importance that I find it because I had a fear that if I went to Motor Vehicle to replace it, they might take a new photo. Yikes, I am working with one that is at least ten years old and I want to remain frozen in time. My search was fruitless and off to Motor Vehicle I drove, licenseless. Stress levels soaring I parked, went in, got a number, got called, got a temporary, in about 5, yes 5 minutes. Clerk said it's "The New Motor Vehicle".   Bonus, new license would arrive in the mail with the old photo!
Like it.

Needless to say I found my drivers license the next morning.

#55 was the whole reason for living in NY. Yes, Pizza. I could barely down one slice back in my twenties, boy things have changed. Carla and I visited for the first and last time the newest joint in town.

Not so good but you could not tell by the one slice we left behind.

At long last I found a Shake Shack with a line less than one hour long. Not in Madison Square but on Old Country Rd.  A few years ago I almost fainted whilst waiting on line for an hour, I gave up just as I was about to be called. This time my stamina helped me actually place the order. I consumed  #56 in the ambiance of the car.

Shroom Burger

My latest craze is to remove all plastic water bottles from my life. Filtering water directly into a Brita plastic pitcher is not gonna work either. So far I have only succeeded in drinking less water! But if there is a will there is a way so wish me luck.