Seeking Gravitas

     #17 was not worthy of a photo but dessert hammed it up.        
        Kate's Apple Streusel Bars. That is NOT ice cream!                      
     While the  Primate was away in search of the Super Bowl and a win at poker I enjoyed not cooking and indulged in Haagen Dazs for dinner one too many times. Eventually I broke down and made  a curried chickpea dish that I learned how to make from Stephanie Schandler a chef at bee-Organic in Great Neck. I met Stephanie when I was frequenting Bonda Yoga. Bonda has great classes and is beyond clean, it sparkles. After an INCREDIBLE class with Raj Shtrom, every class with Raj is incredible, I would stumble in my yoga daze down the sidewalk for lunch or maybe just a shot of wheatgrass at bee-Organic. I don't know if Stephanie is still at bee-Organic,  but I stay partially up to date with her @
Stephanie Schandler @ Long Island Grocery Examiner. I wish she had a blog, what a chef!

 #18. Carrots, celery, chick peas, garlic, and hot curry powder.

#19. Lentil and Greek Salad take out courtesy of The Cheese Shop.

 Primate returned and I turned on the oven. Oh how I missed cooking!

 Whole Foods smoked mozzarella ravioli and Peggy inspired gravy.

Fine Cooking's roasted Brussels sprouts with walnuts.

#20.  Greens and pasta and not a loaf of bread in sight.

#21. I can't believe I took a picture of this. Broccoli was a little burnt shall we say but the sweet potato fries were good enough.

#22. The days grow longer and the photos are improving. LIGHT!

 Best ever pasta fazool @ Italian Food Forever

                                   #23. Egg Salad.


  1. I just saw this post, Laura! Wow! Thank you for those props!! I am no longer the Chef at Bee-organic, rather I am a Private Chef for families in the Berkshires and other wonderful food Meccas. I love your blog. Keep at it! Still writing for the Examiner, just not enough time in the day. Bee-Well. -Stephanie


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