Finger in the Dike

A finger in the dike and silver skates, check. Now I just need a hand over my mouth. 24 miles with my friend ROAD, last week, this week 18.  I am already slipping! I have received so many emails about Dr. Oz's raspberry JuJus that I broke down and bought them. I am adding them to the regime at least until its discovered that although they deflate fat cells,  they can also cause a host of terrible diseases, maybe even decreased appetite forever.

I was delighted to share #24 with Shannon and Kimberly at Emerald Thai. Roommates, clothing design, and of course yoga, were the hot topics.

The waiter/photographer loved the picture...... he probably did not notice his finger was in it. But Shannon did.

I even managed to leave some food on my plate! A first.
My Love to Linus

Romantic #25 was Food & Wine's Roasted Carrot and Red Quinoa Salad. Can you believe the amount of spices it called for? You gotta be kidding me......This cooking thing is getting old.

 Red Quinoa for Valentine's Day and cranberries in the salad, both are both good for your heart.

Linus reminds me "you are still the one who cooks for me". Well of course I do, I don't see anyone else volunteering! Maybe there was another meaning!

Spices coming together.

Found a spot on the table for Shannon's pretty roses. Linus arranged them! His feminine side kicking in.

Rogan clan send their love!
Voila! Not Linus' favorite; I however enjoyed the leftovers twice for lunch.

#26 and #27 was a hit with Linus.

 Lisa's casserole of sauerkraut (low sodium), Trader's Joe's spicy vegan sausage, and mashed potatoes. Thank you Lisa Neun for holding on to this recipe for 30ish years and then sharing it with me.

#28 & #29 came right out of the jar. Gravy was not half as good as Peggy's but the little zing in Rao's sauce and the fact that I wasn't really cooking anything made this casserole very enjoyable.  

 Unfortunately I was heavy handed with the cheese. Sodium and cholesterol hitting an all time high!  Do better next time.

#30 was a salad at The Crust. Photo is irretrievable on Primate's phone. Really, just a salad!

Betwixt all this eating we celebrated The Muscarelle's 30th by attending the Michelangelo show. Docent gave us a top notch tour of the exhibit and although I missed her name I know she is an exquisite fiber artist. I see her once a year at Patricia Rapoport's annual art sale. 

We bid a sad adieu to Matthew! He wasn't texting or talking on the phone. Out of nowhere.....and wham! I think I hate soap operas after all. But the last few minutes Mary and Matthew shared was great next year I will be back for more Downton! 
And fortunately I can't get enough of this place,

Body Balance, which fills in all the gaps while at the same time creates space.
 Happy Birthday Brendan! 
And finally to Missy, you are pretty amazing! You may not be quiet but you are certainly fierce.

"We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather about us that they may see, it may be, their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even with a fiercer life because of our quiet."

W.B. Yeats