Downton Brides

Downton regained the number 1 spot in my TV heart; it was a cakewalk; no contest. Homeland who?  Coming to the plate with two weddings, Maggie and Shirley, the rest of the eclectic ensemble, the juicy story lines, c'mon Masterpiece your spoiling us! Are we entitled to so much fun?

Mary and Edith in full wedding regalia

     Vote for your favorite dress! My friend Glynis, a preeminent local Anglophile and responsible fashion critic raised the question of which gown was more enviable. Both Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary and Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith portrayed beautiful brides. I will reserve my opinion so as not to dissuade any of my readers from voting. Glynis, it's your turn; I need your input please.

     The only other show that came close to the excitement of Downton's first two episodes of season three was C-Span's coverage of the swearing in of the freshmen and re-elected senators of the 113th Congress  Joe Biden is the king of schmooze and he is the most likable politician of all time.

     Dinner #4 was a surprising success. Thanks are due in part to the contents of this little box. I have not actually read the list of ingredients, I don't want to find out we shouldn't be consuming what's in it. I am pretty sure it is low sodium though. Primate drags his blood pressure gizmo around the way Linus van Pelt dragged his blanket everywhere he went. I am not going to make a mistake with sodium!

      I roasted red skinned potatoes and sun dried tomatoes.

     A little while later I added some steamed broccoli.

     Dished up another salad.

     I fried  left over spaghetti and heated up a can! of cannellini beans in the wild mushroom gravy. It was not to difficult.

     It was tasty and approved by Linus; err I mean the Primate.

     Dinner 5 showed up as Squash and Goat Cheese Empanadas from The Sprouted Kitchen blog.  Thank you Sara and Hugh.

     I can't believe I made the dough!

    Surprise, surprise, there was a salad with Cindy's dressing.

     Looking good. I did not even know what an empanada was (poor sheltered me), but after I saw the post on the Sprouted Kitchen blog  I had to make them.

     I think I subtitled this blog practice yoga, learn to quilt; so to keep things legit I will show you my finally put together no color quilt. Primate believe it or not, does not like primary colors, so the quilt was put together with him in mind.

           Yoga mat is still my magic carpet.

      I am going to need to spend a whole lot more time on it if I keep eating these dinners! Which brings me to Dinner # 6. Left over squash filling rolled up in lettuce leaves, left over empanadas, and zucchini with sun dried tomatoes a la too much sesame oil.

      How many dinners did I commit to?


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