A Tufted Duck Ushers In 2013

     Yes, I said it. A tufted duck via NY rare bird alert sent our foursome on a mission to Halesite. January 1 and I was already goldilocksing; I was still coming down from our New Year's Eve viewing of Argo in Great Neck and now we are going to see a duck. Life finds balance in crazy ways. Quack.
      Argo corners the market of timeless big movies; the likable characters, great performances and a riveting theatrical account of six Americans who dodged one bullet only to be stuck between a rock and a hard place at the Canadian Embassy in Iran kept us on the edge of our seats. Yikes! Argo is not meant for the casual moviegoer esp. one who feels stress watching Sesame Street. Glad we had gotten the depressing Life of Pi out of the way and oh so glad that we suffered Premium Rush months ago. Argo was not a bad way to spend the last minutes of 2012 after all. And I am fully recovered now.
                                 Not a Snowy Owl.

                                       Pit stop.

                                 My Pine Barons.

                                      There it is.

      We parked next to a couple as they were packing up their telescopic lens gadget whatever. We gave them the knowing, we are birders, with a touch of aspergers, and we are definitely not going to share this bird spot with anyone nod. They nodded back.

                             No crowds on the pier.

                              Plentiful Parking.

     They saw the duck.  I saw it too but not so much the tuft. The sailboat had me thinking about our summer days in Huntington, just up the Halesite hill. After the duck the Primate led a little tour across the harbor down Cherry Ln. i.e. the house that thank goodness did not become ours although location, location, location!


 Dropping Bren off, I guarded the car while Primate took the stairs. Gotta play your cards right!

      Traffic was light, and only one electric bicycle, as we headed to the midtown tunnel. Record breaking round trip of one hour, way to go Primate!

 Two calls to 911, one at Metropolitan (please don't give a check to someone who is waiting for the ambulance to take him to the E.R.) and another outside an Equinox. Moral is know what to do in an emergency and have address ready.

            My new special protein concoction, coconut milk and

 Spiru-tein with a couple of frozen strawberries and a banana.

     Meantime, I have been in the midst of back and forth with Carla on the pronunciation of Maddona.  I like the Neapolitan vernacular that turns the d's into rolling r's. Maaaahrone is about all this shiksa can get out but if you want to hear it pronounced correctly listen to Lorraine Bracco in the Bensonhurst Spelling Bee. http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/b7e6f00184/the-bensonhurst-spelling-bee-with-kelly-ripa
     I am going to bring Carla in to consult on the Irish slang too. She is pretty versatile being half Italian and half Irish herself. Anyway my cousins sprinkle their conversations with little tidbits of wee this and that; Clod something and as Cathy reminded me gom. We'll nail it all down this year.

                                      Dinner # 1

               Introducing the first of 365 dinners. I'll make it, they'll make it, or you will invite me over for dinner. Either way, I will take a picture of it.


The first picture does not do justice to the abundant amount of kale on the plate. The recipe is Wild Rice Harvest salad from  Kate in the Kitchen. http://kateinthekitchen.com/2012/11/21/giving-thanks-for-wild-rice-amazing-wine/  I took a few liberties, cheated really 'cause I am lazy but the meal prep took an awful lot of time. I was also making a disastrous tasting hummus at the same time. I need help in the soak your own chick peas throw them in the chopper department. Regardless, I suspected that neither one of us would enjoy this meal but we were going to eat a little healthy no matter what. Lo and behold it was delicious. 364 more dinner stories to go! Hope to see you at one!