Go Dawgs!

     Traveling across a time zone again, this time we knew not to take Mrs. G literally. It was 510 miles of smooth sailing. We discovered some seriously great cookies at Subway. And we may have created a little scene wrestling for the last one.
     To be fair to Mrs. G. she got us around Atlanta and into a Hampton Inn in Athens without a problem. Athens came highly recommended by Gerry and Daniel so that is why we chose it as a halfway point. Although when you think about it why would we believe two men?
     When I asked the desk clerk if there was anything in Athens, he and his counterpart almost fell on the floor. University of Georgia! 30,000 students! GO DAWGS!
     A Forest Gumpish feeling overtook Elle when she found out it was Homecoming Weekend. It's amazing we got a room. I began to see small signs that Ellen was cracking........but you really can't knock her down! Let's find somewhere to eat she requested. We mozied over to the Hilltop Grille and had a lovely dinner. Maybe the fireplace was smoking too much but the crowd was fun to watch; it being homecoming and all!
     We spotted a little shop on our walk back to the hotel. The next morning we returned and had a difficult time peeling ourselves away. Athens Interior Market was the perfect combination of new and old items that worked their way into our hearts and car.
We're starting to look alike.

     Emily helped us out to the car, twice, and was very nice as you can see in the picture. Sabrina of Plantation Relics http://www.plantationrelics.com/  gave us the inside scoop on refinishing furniture. We discovered new ideas for Christmas lights and had a wonderful time.
     We short shrifted the town of Athens, promising ourselves we would be back, and began the final leg of our road trip. Just another mere 518 miles, a piece of cake. To my horror I enjoyed the food at K&W cafeteria off I-85. I was cracking too. We knew for sure we had been driving too long when Ellen said, "look at the beautiful moon" and a mile later it turned out to be a neon burger king sign!
     Coincidentally, we both share a strong sense of smell, actually  I never met a woman who can't boast about her nose. Many times  when driving along a lonesome stretch of highway I will catch the aroma of fresh brewed coffee. As we entered Virginia the smell came again and again and thinking we were near a Starbucks I thought of pulling off to find it. Ellen, choking backed tears from an awful stench, exclaimed "that's skunk your smelling crazy woman!"