Country Living

     Election day was nearing at a slightly slower speed then Sandy but at this point Sandy was just a sidebar in our conversations .
The reelection of Obama was dominating our discussions and the impetus for Ellen's swift return to NY in time to cast her vote; I was going to bring shame on the family by failing to get back to the Glen Cove Boys and Girls Club in time. The primate soothed my anxiety by swearing to me that Obama was a shoe-in in NY and I could forego the trip north 'til Thanksgiving. Next time I will just get my act together and get an absentee ballot. We certainly (didn't we Ellen?) discussed our consternation at the audacity of some Republicans that act as if we are simpatico with their agenda.  If we don't give off enough Democratic vibes I guess we are going to have to paste Ellen's Obama 2012 bumper sticker to our foreheads.
     Other topics we returned to time and again were our two sons apiece, our primates, all relations, and the shocking news that Ms. H from back in the St. Aidan's Grammar School days did not actually lose her fiancé off a Venezuelan cliff in a jeep accident on Christmas day!
     200 miles and the first of many stops, this time at a Radio Shack, in search of a phone charger for Ellen's two year old obsolete phone! We arrived in Atlanta area hungry and tired. We tried another Radio Shack; the staff recommended a Quik Trip. We managed with the help of Mrs. G, our smugly omniscient companion, and some helpful pedestrians to settle in at a nice little booth at the Cheesecake Factory.
     We made one more stop at a Quik Trip looking for the illusive phone charger before checking in at the Hampton Inn. We secured the room months earlier but probably due to our late arrival the room was no longer available. No complaints from us, we felt as if we had won the lottery because they offered us a smaller room at half the cost! We would manage.
                        Day One: Country Living Fair
Could not unglue me from the Rustoleum Paint booth.

Ellen's favorite vendor The Painted Fern

Maybe tomorrow for the dried flowers.  

I want those boots.

Adorable Southern Charmer proprietor of  It's All Relative. 

Appraisals with Lucinda Wyeth
 I hope Country Living continues to employ Lucinda Wyeth. She treated each article with loving care (the owners too)! I arrived a little late in the game but she kept me spellbound for at least an hour.

Friendship Quilt

Don't know the vendor's name but love the pretty colors

Calling it a day.

  Editor of Country Living, Sarah Gray Miller and Elle
 Ellen speculated she was a teenager, no way could Sarah Gray Miller be the editor! Alas! She is talented, smart, and has a secret to looking so young. Ellen and Sarah, both upstate New Yorkers, enjoyed catching up on everything country north of the city. Sarah's concern over the possiblilty of Sandy putting her return flight to NY at risk sparked a rising concern over our own next move. It reminded me of the time my family and I set up camp at Cedar Point Park in East Hampton and only 15 mins after zipping up the tent but didn't the park ranger come a knocking and ask us to evacuate 'cause Hurricane Bob was imminent.

Dinner Crowd  at  The Marlay House in Decatur
 The frightening staff did not stop us from enjoying the atmosphere and food. At this point in our journey Ellen may have had goat cheese and beets as often as we made visits to stores looking for the phone charger. After supper, we hightailed it over to a Best Buy as per Gerry's advice but came out empty handed again. Best Buy directed us to AT@T.

                   Day two: Country Living Fair

Can't get enough Rustoleum!

Chalkboard Paint.... Never heard of it... Ellen was all over it.

Artist, Joycelyn Hairston was inspired by Ellen' colors.

Love Joycelyn and her art!

Kathy Taylor could not part with her red & white quilt but Elle found other treasures at Kathy's booth.

     The wind picked up and brought a chill to the air. We hauled ourselves and purchases away and off we went to Virginia Highland. Beautiful homes and neighborhood surrounds the intersection of Virginia and Highland. Unbelievably we looked in and out of a few shops before settling down to eat at la tavola. I think we both may return at least in our minds to that warm cozy restaurant with incredible food.
     At some point a plan was hatched to drive down to Slidell, and visit (freeload) with Ellen's sister, Terry, and her husband John.

Ellen needed a cart for her cart. Check out the free give away, a Rustoleum comfort grip! Wow, we only traveled 800 miles for that item.
Thanks Malaika! We appreciated the gracious staff at the Hampton Inn @ Stone Mountain but it was time to grab a Starbucks, hit a few AT@T's and head down the highway.

Some witch! A beauty....the other two slightly older witches flew away on their brooms.