Friday, October 19, 2012

There's' No Crying in Baseball

Whether you are celebrating or in a slump, October is a good time to remember there is no crying in baseball. In this scene from Penny Marshall's A League of Their Own with Tom Hanks and Bitty Schram,  the no crying rule is broken.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dalai Lama & DUMBO

On the last Sunday in September Bren and I drove to Brooklyn for the Dumbo Arts Festival


Fortunately, Brendan initiated driver's prerogative and tuned to WfUV and Fordham's Sunday Mass. We were just in time to hear Fr. Mark Mossa S.J. give the homily. He spoke about a letter St. Ignatius wrote to St.Francis Borgia and how it inspired him at a time when he was experiencing some dismay about how others in the Jesuit community were responding to the events of September 11.
Fr. Mossa inspired me with his words: "be present to each other, despite our different backgrounds, different opinions, and different choices" and " we aren't all meant to come down on the same side of a question". Listen to Fr. Mossa @    You will find his homily at about 16 mins.

Fast forward to yesterday October 10 and the Dalai Lama's address on compassion to a welcoming audience at The College of William and Mary and it is easy to discern the commonalities in the two messages. The Dalai Lama returned again and again to the importance of compassion and loving kindness. Watch his address here @

Back in Dumbo the rain came and went but it did not prevent us from taking in the art, people watching, lunching at the Archway Cafe,  snacking on falafel and sipping hot chocolate at Punto Bianco on Jay St. In the shadows of two bridges, we watched a marching band, a hacky sack contest, grabbed a few photos of 1 WTC. Two of our favorite artisans were Richard Velloso @ and Mark Jupiter @  Bren also liked the exhibit by The Portable Forest @

Hope everyone is simplifying


Under Manhattan Bridge   

Enjoying the crowd

Studio View

left to right 111 Wall, Bklyn Bridge, & 1 WTC

Monday, October 8, 2012

In Search of the Condor

          Fueled up at Starbucks in Oakhurst, ran across a thirsty looking Wile E. Coyote on Raymond Rd. in Coarsegold on our way to our last stop Monterey. The 185 miles included a dismal stretch of highway with cattle ranches (?) minus the cattle and the sinking sinister beauty of the arid rolling hills that fenced us in on both sides of Rt. 41.            
         Portola Hotel turned out to be a "real" hotel and as we hoped was within walking distance of town. The primate was delighted with Cherry's Jubilee antique car show that began at our front door and spilled over Lighthouse Ave into the parking lot at Fisherman's Wharf. He was rapt with joy and on the phone with Joe The Inveterate Car Man feeding him the play by play of each and every car. Hmm cars, either they're in your blood or they're not. I may be missing the pocketbook gene but it was not replaced by the auto gene.

Restaurant 1833

We dined at two restaurants in Monterey: Montrio's Bistro and Restaurant 1833 We sat next to a crazy Alaskan (it was her politics that did us in....why do people assume we are simpatico? I think I am going to start sporting my Obama button everywhere) at Montrio's and had a fantastic waitress at 1833. Both meals were the highlights of Monterey.
But the real stars here were 17 Mile Drive and Big Sur. Don't know what can surpass the beauty of Big Sur. In our quest for the Condor this is what we saw......

In search

17 Mile Drive

17 Mile Drive

3 men on a boat in the ocean 


Waiting for the fog to lift on Big Sur

Happy Indians took this shot.

We looked on the flagpole at Julia Pfeifer and at all the pullouts between Henry Miller Library and Coast Gallery. We looked for Grimes Pt and Big Sur Scenic overlook; but we couldn't tell one overlook from another! We kicked ourselves for passing by an overlook with an antennae wielding ornithologist, hey but it's not easy to turn around on Big Sur Hwy! We went back the next day and looked some more. We waited for the fog to lift again.

We parked here and walked down to the beach

We ate at Nepenthe and drowned our sorrows at Big Sur Art Gallery

Finale! We drove up 1 to Half Moon Bay for lunch at Pasta Moon. Grazie! 

We thought we'd revisit Delica in the Ferry Building where in our San Francisco days we loved eating Delica's lunch on the pier. Instead shopping driven for last minute gifts we returned 128 miles to Tiburon. 
And as the primate always claims our nature is drawn to the sea, we  went over the mountain and through the woods and back to Stinson Beach and the Pacific. Time flew and then we flew home.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Don't step on the giants!

          231 miles from Mill Valley to our next stop Tenaya Lodge in Fish Camp.  California almonds, artichokes, tomatoes, and pistachios abundant as we drove that's where our food comes from! Ahh, there was no time to waste; there was work to be done. 
Happily clueless before climbing Sentinel Dome

No Dogs!  It's only 1.1 miles.

Catching my breath. Yoga did not prepare me for this!
I discovered oxygen is important at 8,000 feet. Forget my lungs, my head was a half dome of pain....who cares about seeing Half Dome.

                                          View from Sentinel Dome

         The view was awesome, and even though I am a sea level kind of gal ( I thought the Roslyn Clock Tower was scary) I was beginning to enjoy the high, err maybe that was the high of descending!
          Next morning we got up early enough to park the car at Mariposa Grove. No idea  our National Parks are so popular  and everyone wants to see a 2,000 year old tree? I am a knucklehead. Primate led the way, 4 miles, amazing trees, and I think, a pileated.  

The New Colossus "I lift my lamp beside the golden door." Emma Lazarus

Honey, could you cut up that tree in the back yard?
Better get a few new blades.

Jack! Are you home?
 An afternoon devoted to sitting around the pool and doing nothing.
Primate got a lesson in the art of bone storage and bilateral craniotomies from Dr. Stephen of Belfast and I prepared for a blueberry whip all body scrub. Opposites do attract.
Next morning, one last look at Yosemite.
Wonderful welcoming smile from Deborah Martin ...little sign next to her claims 17  bears hit by cars to date...eeek

Inside the South Entrance Elevation 7,753 ft
Back up Glacier Point Road we go, aiming our sights on the Taft Pt. trail.

I am going where?
Even my hero is stepping tentatively                       

Find the climber on El Capitan


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Napa daze

In phase 1 our home base was the Aqua Hotel near to but not exactly in Mill Valley. The town mimicked Sag Harbor except it was on mountain steroids, we have to go back. Mt. Tam, West Blithedale Ave.  much more to explore.  It was from here that we set out for SF, Muir Woods, Tiburon, Sausalito, and finally Napa. Primate ended up driving 1600 miles by the time the trip was over. He needs another vacation. 

The nice folks at Napa's bike shop gave us directions for the back road to Yountville. The road is used by bikers so now we are in the know.

Silverado Trail

If life wasn't good enough; it just got better.
 Nourishment of the heavenly kind at Lucy's . Don't let any crazy unflattering reviews keep you away, it is the best. Back on the road, no winery stops for us, cannot drink and drive, just of course text, eat, and ipad away for my driver; preferably while traversing hairpin mountainous turns. One may have detected some disharmony here, but we got over it.

Down from the valleys and a quick visit to Muir Beach to practice driver's multi-tasking skills some more.

Snapped this photo as primate was cheering on a lone bicylist. Uphill all the way.

Follow this road to Zen at the Green Gulch Farm ... on our next trip.