Holy! Kimberly's card pretty much nails it.

Nicoise Salad inspired by Glynis & Amy. Amazed that if the egg is boiled correctly the yolk pops right out like the pit of a perfectly ripe avocado. 

Yes,  W&M turned his world upside down.

A little window shopping @ Mongrel

Artist? Painting @ Gather

Soaking Almonds....for the first and last time.

But geez, I saw this photo of Go Get Em Tiger's Nut Milk on Well And Good and I had to have it. 

The end product was not worth standing in the kitchen for 2 hours rubbing off almond skins. I did not see that coming. 
Cleaver gets a birthday treat from his sons!

 #minimalistbaker 💚💚💚

Enjoyed my birthday company. They kept themselves busy.

Crystal, Karen, and Jesse at my 🔥 graduation. 

Margaret & Pete, Chef Eric doing his thing, @ Flourishing Farms

Pearl, Love this dog. 

At B-Def end of class stretch 💗 next to Baby Mama.

Day Trip to Harper's Ferry

Spending time with your garage.

Dish of the Year. Unami Girl's Perfect Spaghetti and Minimalist Baker's Sun Dried Tomato Vegan Meatballs!