Clearly S!!t Happens & 6,000 Miles!

Clearly s!!t happens. Little things, like last week when Primate and I wasted a beautiful evening watching Boyhood, and punch in the gut s!!t that you can see on the news every night, from the minuscule to the earth shattering, s!!t happens every day. I've had s!!t happen to me and I have directed it onto others. Goldilocksing blog is not about s!!t. It aims to poke a little fun at and for the Primate, an exercise to sharpen my mental focus, (although learning a foreign language or taking up the violin might serve me better), and some highlighting of the best airbrushed moments of our lives (admittedly only of interest to an exclusive few), hence reminding me of what there is to be grateful (for). I sweep everything else off social media and under the rug.

Margaret Sharkey and John Higgins.....gotta have a little genealogy to spice things up or bore people to death!

       My favorite tree tops @ the Williamsburg Montesori School.

    I thought minis gravitated to meet ups and enjoyed socializing. He's not going to meet anyone here, all by his lonesome.

                         Except maybe for this sour graper!

Not enough flowers in a day! Virginia Flower Farm

Primate's feminine touch with last of the hydrangeas and of course duct tape.

# 157. "It's good to be a Pole married to a woman of Irish descent," she said.

I know Carla that you don't want any more pics of food but I only have 200 more to go. Be patient.

#159. Primate went to Nawab for Kimberly's birthday! He liked it!


216th Street reunion! Prime, Toni, and Stu!

                                         #161. Not once.

                     #162. But twice. Pumpkin Cheesecake.

  It must be so tiring. There is a lot of work to be done if you are the Primate!

     Sometimes though, even the Primate calls in the experts for relief!

Caulk! An art in itself.

Pure Joy! Glynis scored twice on our sometimes annual trip to Patricia Rapoport's home.



#165. Grass Roots.


Always room for flowers.

Macs with Emily in mind!

Bryant Park, ice skating, shopping, followed up by leaving gifts on the train!

Mary & Pat @ #166.  Boca

#167. When in New York..ya gotta eat.

Nut assembly line.

Hil @Thanksgiving #168

More gravy anyone?

Purple River from Karen Anderson Schwartz

Multitasking Pat does the dishes & watches the game.


#170 @ The Annual Sherry New Moon Winter Solstice Holiday in between Thanksgiving and Christmas @  Nawab, #170.
    The Annual Sherry New Moon Winter Solstice Longest Shopping Holiday always includes lunch. This holiday coincides with the longest night and shortest day and keeps us moving fast. This year I bowed out early with a cold but Sherry and Glynis kept up the tradition after we parted outside of Nawab.

#171. Sweet Potato or Yam...either way the color drained from their faces.

Colonial Nursery

Mobile North Boundary Street

Williamsburg Holiday Market

Verdant Green Tea soap!

Glynis, this would make a nice Christmas Card!

Glynis at Gather

Glynis, one square is one ounce. Carla, who is Reg?

#172. Forgot to take pics with the food...'twas lasagna.

Francis Street

The Taste Studio

York River State Park

A few days after Christmas, Bryce

stopped by one morning

with his dad, Ralph.

Ralph quickly got on the phone

and told his wife Bridgit to come and save them. These crazy people were flying Bryce and next they were going to make him roll out on the Dharma Wheel!


Telling Bren where he should stand!!!

All together.

Taking off!

I just love these shots

of Primate & Byce!

This is just how Primate would help Bren & Pat put on there gloves when they were little.

#173. Seriously boys, this is the last time I go to Pitchers!

I read about Dutch Gap on the Williamsburg Bird Club website. Hence we went on our own but it was pretty damn cold and Primate had turned the heat off at home and I was nervous and anxious to return home fast, (if it was up to me we never would have started this journey) and put the heat back on before the pipes froze but first we had to stop at Home Depot and a few other stores to get a water filtery gizmo that really isn't a filter for our heating system, thanks to Lena, who warned us of the filtery gizmo but not a filter getting all gooked up and corroded due to our hard water, without which our hair and clothes and wood floors are always contracting and expanding and drying out and standing up in permanent static electricity attention not to mention our skin flaking off without the salve of a little moisture in our heated air.

Lots and Lots and Lots of ducks, but nary a wooden one.

I want to go home but first I want to see a wooden duck..torn in two directions. Primate says I have a tight leash on him...when really it's the other way around.

The Ice Storm that caused the Bird Club to cancel their outing. Good thing we went the day before and although we did not end up getting the water filtery gizmo for weeks, Primate did put the heat back on when we got home.

Dark Chocolate makes everything special.

The party is over. Most of the decorations are put away and some were placed in the woods for the squirrels to enjoy. Most of us listened to all of Serial, a more sedate pastime, suitable for the season. I threw in as much indoor yoga and working out and teaching as I could.  The Primate needed a few bitter cold days on the road to accomplish his goal.

             If I had to do it all over again, the choosing the mate portion of my life, among other obvious traits I would be seeking, two of my top priorities would be a man who can ride 6,000 miles a year and a man who'll make me pancakes. Lucky me.


lemon juice & vanilla!

            While I have been making dough for Sprouted Kitchen's Empanadas,

#175. Sprouted Kitchen's Squash & Goat Cheese Empanadas, the best things in life do kinda require a lotta work! Worth it.

 enjoying gifts from friends, pink and orange,

and stressing out over teaching a 30 minute stress relief (yikes you can't teach a 30 minute yoga class without undue stress raining down upon your head) (omg thanks Missy), class, yet I'd do it again, especially enjoying U.S. Coastie T-shirt, (thanks Julia for needing me!),

and wisely enjoying the gifts I bought for others,

Patricia Rapoport's flowers.
and the gifts purchased for the house,


and enjoying others enjoying their legos and soaking up the sunshine of the moms, sons, and daughters, even though I need a lesson in what to buy for those daughters(!), (I am going to get more girly in 2015),
Bryter wins tickets @ W& M Tennis Center.
and eating some more,

#176. When Carrots Fly @ ichiban.
and enjoying the fruits of Primate's labors,

the Primate all the while is still making sawdust, paintbrush and or saw always in hand. OMG does he ever rest. C'mon, a little woolgathering? Its good for your brain, you said so yourself, or Terry Gross, don't you believe NPR?

New floors & lighting & storage!

The infamous water filtery gizmo that really isn't a filter!
Besides I have a whole new arched doorway I need built!

Happy 2015 Everyone! If you have the slightest bit of trouble getting through winter, the Danes, the happiest people on earth have a solution. Hygge. Try it. Amy has cornered the Williamsburg market on all things hygge (do North Dakotan margaritas count? Yes!). A little handmade card from Amy, hygge in the mailbox!



  1. laurabelle ... i'm so far behind. no time to goldilocks - just a quick run-through. fine stuff.
    - i think we're down to 191 food pics now, correct?
    - love bren flying bryce. i can do that!
    - pics of the primate with the young'un brought back memories of jillian eating olives. wish i had a photo of her on lennie's lap that day. it's forever in my head but too beautiful for me not to share! oh, those olden days before we all had cameras at the ready.
    -reg was my friend jane peck's mom. jane gave me the recipe. don't forget - whisk each egg completely before adding the next. that's the key.
    talk soon, i hope. i left you a voice message. i have things to say.


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