Thoreau, The Tilley Steps and The Turnip King

"The most familiar sheet of water, viewed from a new hilltop, yields a novel and unexpected treasure. When we have traveled a few miles, we do not recognize the profiles even of the hills which overlook our native village, and perhaps no man is quite familiar with the horizon as seen from the hill nearest to his house, and can recall its' outline distinctly when in the valley. We do not commonly know, beyond a short distance, which way the hills range which take in our houses and farms in their sweep. As if our birth had at first sundered things, and we had been thrust up through into nature like a wedge, and not till the wound heals and the scar disappears do we begin to discover where we are, and that nature is one and continuous everywhere. It is an important epoch when a man who has always lived on the east side of a mountain, and seen it in the west, travels around and sees it in the east. Yet the universe is a sphere whose centre is wherever there is intelligence. The sun is not so central as a man." Henry David Thoreau.

Ok, maybe now I'll get to the Tilley Steps and Turnip King. I don't recommend fooling with text size or copying and pasting when you are working with blogger. At least if you are me and somewhat challenged ...

North and then more northward to Westchester to see Gerry, traveling without a Garmin on my dash since my regular wheels were questionable, I thought I could leave a few google maps open on my Ipad to occasionally consult and maybe make it all the way to Chappaqua and find Aurora and hunt for Yoga Rachel's necklace even though I can't remember what it looked like just that I loved it.

As I was getting on the Cross Island I noticed an upside down plastic deer in the trailer ahead of me. Though, maybe not.

Then there was the request to go slow over the Throgs Neck. I don't want to go slow, I want to go fast over bridges.

Stopped off for a Rogan visit and was happy to see the patient was not only stable but a sweetheart too. Way to go Gerry!

Another Walsh genome string I was not impaled with requires sticking to a schedule.....hence we were off to lunch lickedy split. No need for a Garmin, I just followed Cathy. I was delighted to discover that Cathy and I both hate wind and the noise wind makes when the car windows are rolled down. Not so delighted to see that Quentin and I had skin tags in common. The three siblings get a big kick out of fortune cookie predictions....or maybe it was an inside joke....or maybe I lack a sense of humor.

Elle dazzles!

Aurora did not happen. I have no sense of direction in Westchester, my smart idea of leaving a google map open on my ipad did not work, finally after driving through downtown White Plains, which I did not even know had a downtown, I headed home.

I am always winded on the Tilley Steps, they add a challenge to a 5 mile walk, and give me a great feeling of accomplishment when I make it to the top, also they make every other hill a piece of cake, so I always include them.

At Sunset Park the engraved slate is a homage to the Turnip King. Brendan thought Linus was privy to the identity of the Turnip King, but Jeff Michaelsen and Pete Longworth are the guys to talk to for info on the King.

Watch Bren and I discuss the Turnip King as we pass a photo of the slate inscribed to the TK.

Suffer along with me as I climb The Tilley Steps and eventually make it to Prospect Ave.

I enjoyed the Halloween decorations on my walks.

A good rule.

I pass some beautiful houses too,

We made a quick trip out to Sag Harbor. We drove by the house we are hoping to get our (linus' really; I like mine manicured; but I can shop) hands on someday.

Other sights around Sag Harbor.....

In between my giddiness over the excavation behind us, the new gas lines going in on our street, and the new roof going on next door, I came down with a sore throat on Halloween. This left Linus to give out the treats and take care of me. This is what I got.

 I think Tina would have gotten me some soup if not fresh squeezed lemonade. I am not complaining though 'cause Linus kept the Ginger Ale coming and excused me from helping on Pat's moving day.

We checked out the marathon on our way to see Pat's new apt.

Court Square Days Remembered
 The leaders at a little over mile 15...

Pat's new view is pretty darn good as is the apartment.

Joe, Kate, and Pat.
The mood had changed significantly by the time we got back to the car at Court Square. Check it out. NYC Marathon @ Court Square  Oh, and the Jets beat the Saints. It was a good day in NY.

The next morning as I drove through Roslyn at 6:00 AM ( it wasn't early enough to beat the traffic) I remembered I needed to take a photo of Diane's new fence that closed off their little driveway. Linus and I had agreed!!! that the design might be implemented around the hilltop AC.

Tina, Clara, and Lorna, all of my aliases or alter egos or whatever, were hungry, to say nothing of Linus.
Back to the stove....

#116 Oh my gosh I could eat these every day. Empanadas from Sprouted Kitchen

#117 Lucky Pot Luck
Saute shallots, ginger, carrots, celery, parsley, curry powder, and garlic. Parboil cubed potatoes. Throw them in to the saute mixture along with about 16 oz. of Imagine No Chicken Broth and two cans of rinsed chick peas. Simmer till all veggies are cooked and then add some kale. Simmer about 15 mins more. Enjoy.

We threw in a little more culture. The Confucius Institute @ William and Mary presented a lecture by Michael Cherney entitled The Sun is Not So Central. I attended with Glynis. Glynis was way ahead of me with her proficiency in Chinese but my familiarity with Brooklynese got us a little audience with the artist after the presentation. His work is breathtaking.

Last evening it was Mercy Creek with Jean and Andy.

Today Linus bought #117 at Berry Body.

                                      I'm Grateful!