Merrier in May

Juicing, shopping, and more Spring clean up round out the Merry Month of May made a little merrier with the addition of Zoloft.

#66 Barley and Pomegranate Salad ( forgot to add the Pomegrante's ) from  Ottolenghi's Plenty. 

Not quite vegan

#67 Bittman's Eggplant Un-parmesan

 I listened to Bittman on Leonard Lopate and couldn't resist making his Eggplant Un-parmesan albeit with parmesan taken from his new book Vegan Before 6. Everything Bittman is good, but his take on dinner parties is pretty funny. Nothing special for the kids, if they don't eat it, they'll survive.

Blue False Indigo

Took years and a transplant but bloom was worth the wait

Easter parsely for financial gain! Who knows?


Too bad about the allergies!

#68 Mom's Day at  Peace Food Cafe

Bike Lane
Cover your eyes for #69. Dessert was a must!
#70 Crunchy Pappardelle from Ottolenghi's



37 years in a box and no more parking fees to the lawn chair overseer under the Brooklyn Bridge
#72 with Lena and Rick

@ James Landing Grille

Three chairs and only 15 coats
# 73 After this over indulgence Linus wanted just salads.

#74 Whole Foods ravioli, homemade guac and barely edible salad with Kim. How embarassing, a vegetarian that can't make salad!
#75 Had a craving for sausage and peppers so I made it without the sausage and  looks like some more barley. The house smelled of onions for days.

Unbeknownst to me while I was working in my secret garden Linus spotted a visitor.

Shhh! He tells me! What is it I want to know? Another bird? 
Nope just this friendly black snake.

Back to work.


  1. well, i have no comments on your most recent blog but i'm so self-absorbed i'm trying to figure out how i can comment when i do have something to say without being anonymous or a satire savant.
    so you don't have to read any comments-i'll keep checking and when it works, i'll start being coherent and germane.
    any ideas on how i can be verified? i guess i'll have to start a blog:
    practice napping; learn to sleep
    anonymous carla ... or is that carla anonymous?


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