No Returns on Rocks

     April 2013 brought the debut of Lemon Water,  a renewed love of Local Honey, Allergies, Garden Week, a visit from Elle (how she leaves the National Park she lives in I don't know) and more Spring Clean Up.

     Thanks Elle for recommending lemon in zee water. It makes tap water drinkable. I am getting in the swing of doing without my Poland Springs.

     Meals were less interesting but a few good ones were sprinkled about.  Whipped cream and ice cream make up for an especially bad meal.

     We finally got Elle to Charlie's.

     Snacks are good too.

Garden Week, Indian Currants, and searching for just the right car carrier from 1962 (no that search was from Elle's last visit) made a visit from Elle lots of fun.


     Elle's birthday bash on the other side of the river in Rescue, Va. at Captain Chuck A Mucks. It was actually pretty good.

Sandwich, macaroni salad, ginger ale, giant chocolate chip cookie, and fresh fruit and chocolate from Elle's sis on her birthday!

Delia's Goat Cheese Tart


What is she making me do now?


York River State Park Boat Launch visited by the Little Blue Heron and home of the Wood Duck
#65 @ Aromas


  1. tooooo many tomatoes!!!! i'd rather eat the rocks.
    tarts are supposed to be cherry!!! off with your head!!!
    hey, i can post comments now.
    will do so more frequently when i am once again employed and out of the fetal position i spend most of my time in.
    love the new fonting.

  2. well, i don't know if my comment will get posted on accounta i don't understand any of the options other than 'anonymous.' i tried clicking 'google' but then nothing asked for my name and now it's calling me 'a satire savant.'
    so i'll try clicking on anonymous and signing this your very dear pizza pal carla b/c i don't want to be anonymous.
    (meanwhile, i'm sure you know who it was by the time you reached the word 'tomatoes' prefaced by 'too many' in the first post.)


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