Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spike and Sadie

I somehow managed to incorporate a little Sadie Nardini and a little Spike Lee into a yoga class I taught last night! Yoga Bear and I took Sadie's workshop at Yoga Flow Center in DC last weekend. Sadie is no slouch! Watch her shakti shiva kicks on youtube. I thought Bear and I might not make the class at all as parking spots and/or garages on P Street were nowhere! I called the primary and he gave me the address of the garage I left at home. Success and many thanks to the drivers in DC who were saintly dealing with my crazy inappropriate driving skills! Delicious veggie burger at Cafe Green on 17th St. and shopping at Whole Foods and LuLuLemon rounded out the day.

Spike Lee at W@M with Meilinzhen was wonderful.  Great audience and good vibes! Spike's talk ran the gamut from the serious issue of racial inequality and the work ahead to make change to a few lighthearted anecdotes about Rosie Perez and Michael Jackson. His story about how the path of his life was chosen one summer in NY was great. That  year in NY besides the fact that I met the Primary, the NY Daily News ran a headline, "Ford To City: Drop Dead", the blackout of '77 occurred, looting and rioting erupted, the horrific Son of Sam was on the loose, and in between these events some of us were dancing the Hustle (not the Primary, he was in Queens being questioned). These events triangulated to make an 8mm movie camera appear in Spike's hands and the rest is history. To sum up the evening his directive to the students was not to choose a career path for the money, it won't work. He emphasized the importance to "do what you love".

So to tie up my loose ends in this post, in class last night I was able to instruct Sadie's forward fold with fists in opposite elbow creases and during savasana speak about including yoga in our paths, nurturing it, and supporting others on their paths. The whole path thing goes back to Spike and Sadie.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gotta love yoga

  Leah's Modern Art is morphing into a kind of likable mess. I am getting lots of practice and learning how to deal with a quilt that jumps when I stop sewing. There must be a gizmo that tells the needle to come to rest down! Savasana please!

Check out this video on YouTube

It takes away the bad taste from all the bad press yoga has rec'd of late and makes me happy I practice yoga. You gotta love yoga!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Will you still need me, Will you still feed me?

Nobody told me I would spend so much of my life searching my house for the vacuum cleaner brush, but I have. It's amazing I am able to fit anything else into my busy schedule.
When not occupied with above I managed to sew the binding onto the flock of triangles, begin quilting the popsicle sticks quilt, spend a little time with Missy, eat, etc.
Missy proudly displaying her work! 
View from my favorite table at Diane's Bakery

Olives and yogurt for breakfast.

I can breathe again. Fabric spray adhesive done.

Styrofoam everywhere sewing table!
I spent lots of time today trying to get my tension correct. The lighter color of the variegated thread was fine on my practice sandwiches but the darker threads were a mess. I went back to Jo-Ann's for single colored thread. The machine likes it! I am using Leah Day's modern art design...  THANKS LEAH!

I've also attempted to put together an abbreviated version of Marguerita McManus's sewing table.
You can find her tutorial here.  THANKS MARGUERITA!

Enjoyed visiting The Museum of American Illustration with cousin Cathy. The highlight was the members dining , terrace, bar! Not for us non members though. 

I am a longtime fan of Sadie Nardini and I was very fortunate  to take a workshop with her at Om Sweet Om yoga studio. She is the nicest yoga teacher in the world, bubbly, funny, smart, and genuine. She reminds me of Shannon Harty ( the other nicest yoga teacher in the world). 

Great Fun at Carla's 64th Birthday Party. The primary joined in singing The Beatles' When I'm 64! Even though earlier in the day he almost ended up in the hospital with frostbitten fingers, he made a fast recovery and was able to attend! 
Two Weeks, Season 1 and Season 2 complete, and I join the ranks of  Downton Abbey fanatics. I LOVE IT!!!! I find myself ringing for Mr. Carson when I am covered in lint and thread and stryrofoam from crazy sewing tables . Mrs. Hughes would never employ a maid that misplaced her cleaning supplies!