Monday, December 31, 2012


Rush hour traffic on 25A convinced us to ditch the car in LIC and take the E train one stop. The chill to the bone wind did not bother me, I was layered for the weather, the Primate still clothed for another climate may have been a little frozen but he did not mind as we passed through his old stomping grounds around Citicorp. Hey, whats up with that, he alway's on familiar turf!  We hurried by the Peking Duck and squeezed ourselves into Vero's on 2nd Avenue.

 The Friday night after work crowd was already an hour old when we met up with our gang. They made room for us and during our meal some of us stole fries from the Primate's plate while he was busy talking.

We bundled up. Cleveland was nice and warm after a winter coat intervention.

                                 Hopped back on the E train.

Two stops.

ONCE; a magical night. Thanks Bren!

Just the right amount of white stuff came down on Christmas Eve. While Cleveland cared for her patients' health at the hospital and  joked about the possibility that with all those cookies in the break room someone was trying to send the nursing staff into diabetic shock, the boys had Yahtzee on their minds.

A lot of money was at stake!

Happiness is fleeting. Sometimes you have to take a zero in Yahtzee and  just breathe through it.

Christmas morning dawned.

                                       Is it a shirt?

Hot Buttered Soul for the turntable.

Some of our stash.

Oh, it's a Sanuk!

Wrapping courtesy of Aromatherapy, Huntington, NY

What is that?


Pat winding down.

Bon Bons wonder I sit around and eat bon bons all day, the Primate supplies me.


I worked all night......can I go to bed now?

                           Help, a lobster is attacking me.

                         No it is just a lobster glove for biking.
We ate, enjoyed the primate's dishwashing skills, got a lesson in bartending from Hil, and Tamara (send me a picture, I forgot to get one of you) arrived to shake things up.

It's a phone, but how does it work?

And the celebrating continued a few nights later with Carla and Linda. Yeah, I don't make breakfast or lunch, but dinner is often on the table.

This year the Primate and I chased hot air balloons.

Genevieve and Jackie (not shown) taught me how to hug.

I was inspired by dancing on DOG Street. With a lot of instruction from Carla and Lena I can almost cha-cha.  Lots of hugs to you all. One more year in the books! Casey Chambers sings One More Year:


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DECEMBERAting and perseverating

What else can a goldlockser do but of course crack from the responsibilities and weight of a 20 lb. turkeyless Thanksgiving feast,  I offer up little of the event but mucho in the way of thanks!  

A dangererous feast

First round of Kimberly's squash

Veggie broth bubbling

The Primate ironed!!!

Erin's presentation

Missy, Kara, a little bit of Jeanetta, and the amazing two year olds Cody and Summer @ Missy's birthday extravaganza.

Keeping the home fires burning at CW. Gotta make the bricks tonight.

Wood for the kiln

Love Bryant Park

Cathy and Elle looking fabulous!


Vintage for Ellen
In between perusing Ellen wins the award for running into someone she knows. Cathy and I have a little catching up to do, hey we know lots of people too!

Sisters made time to be good samaritans . Mindfulness even in the midst of finding a table at Pret A Manger.

Pearl one, Knit 10,000 

There is still work to be done.

Inside looking out @ Hilfiger's 
On our way to see a solo show of  Joel Meyerowitz we got sidetracked in the diamond district of all places. Our goldilocksing temperaments affect most of our choices, a venue must be exactly the right temperature and maintain the perfect nonexistent noise level. None of this came into play in the hurly-burly world of 47th Street. Cause really, diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Trying to get a shot of Bergdorf's

Night closing in.

Yes Lenny, I can levitate!
     Well, I would be counting down the days to Downton Abbey
if it wasn't for the fact that I will be hearing Carrie calling out to  Saul right up until the next season of Homeland begins. At the moment Homeland trumps Downton. My favorite Homeland quote without the profanity, Saul to Carrie, "you are the smartest and the stupidest person I know."
     Thanks to Stephen Speilberg for Lincoln,  Bob for his awe inspiring recommendation of Life of Pi, the Lentz men for assembling the Chrysler building and the Brooklyn Bridge in one day,  Mucho gracias to MediaVest, NY Life, and Citi for keeping us rolling.
     One of my favorite quotes of the year is from you know who you are, "I just want to wake up in the morning with a man next to me".      Joe's epiphanic creed will stick with me, "I don't know about you but I like to put money directly into the hands of those that need it", and as we are closing in on Elle's anniversary, Gerry's old but new to me thoughts on marriage, "the shortest day of the year turned into the longest day of my life."
     Oh, and the Red Velvet Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery and the homemade ravioli at Joanina's will satisfy all of your culinary desires even though Carla and Linda think I exaggerate!
      Thanks to the Branigans for their courageous actions and hilarious recount of the night Sandy arrived in Massapequa. I stand in awe at the simple grace all my friends displayed as they lived through the aftermath of Sandy. Special shout out to Missy's mom who thought to bring home a few thermoses of hot water so Missy could bathe!
     And since music trumps everything, thanks to Cathy for bringing to our attention  Love is the 7th Wave .